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    What is your preference, Coffee or Tea?

    It is a practice in many houses in our country to offer some snacks and a drink to the guests who come to see us. We give them the snacks whatever we have in the house. But when it comes to drinking we will ask the choice of the Guest between Coffee and tea. Some may say their choice and some may mention that anything is ok for them. Another question frequently we ask them is with sugar or without sugar?

    Many of us will be having the habit of drinking coffee or tea or both. I like to have coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon. This habit I got from my parents. Before lunch, we take coffee only in our family. After lunch in the evenings, we will have tea. So if somebody asks me my choice based on the time I will ask for either coffee or tea.

    Members, what is your choice, coffee or tea?
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    During my childhood, the tea was like a foreign drink. We used to drink only coffee made of Palm Gud, Chikkari coffee powder and milk. Sugar was also like an imported item. Of course, tea was available in the hotels. I started taking tea only after I started working. Bed tea was the first drink of the day. Coffee after breakfast, tea at 1100 hrs, snacks with tea at 1530 hrs. coffee after dinner. At home, I keep both coffee and tea, and cool drinks like sprite, 7up ready to entertain the visitors.
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    I generally like tea to work. I am a teacher (Tea + char) so I really have a habit to take tea almost during every couple of hours. In the night I like to take tea of without milk (kada) with lemon. It really gives you satisfaction and removes tiredness.

    In winter I need a cup of coffee once in a day. Generally, I take coffee in the morning.

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    In my childhood time, I never used to take Coffee or tea but I used to drink Proteinules, Bournivita, Boost, Horlicks, etc. Before marriage, I used to drink tea in the evening. But after marriage, I started drinking one cup of coffee in the morning and one cup of tea in the evening. I never like to take tea in the morning. I find the taste of tea early in the morning to be very bad to my mouth. I don't like to take any further after one cup. Excess quantity also I don't like and so I limit only to one cup.

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    Coffee has been a step-drink for me and my family too. I opened my eyes on tea. I don't remember when last time coffee was made in my home. Even in marriage functions my eyes search for tea instead of coffee but sadly coffee is necessarily served in such functions.

    My day start with bed tea and my day ends with late tea. Why it's late tea because I sleep after midnight, sometimes, after 2 a.m. Before I go to bed I go to kitchen and prepare tea of my choice when everyone is asleep.
    It's almost 1 a.m. and I've finished my tea right now.

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    For us Coffee is the main preference and early morning starts with filter coffee and the satisfactions thus derived after having the strong coffee cannot be described in words and the day would be started with good note and good mood. Just now I am having coffee and writing this response. Now a days instant coffee is also making rounds and people prefer it but if some one wants the taste of coffee and chicory, then it is better to have the filter coffee. We prefer 60/40 range preparations and a particular brand of coffee is only purchased. And as far as tea, it is the afternoon beverage and we had additional ingredients like sonti and even dhania for great taste. One thing is sure those who are habituated to coffee in the morning and could not get the same would prefer to go for fasting and would not have the tea instead.
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    I love tea, the beginning of my day is with black tea because it has some advantages. I prefer milk tea after doing yoga.
    When I started drinking tea, it is not that I do not take milk but when it comes to giving freshness myself, then I would prefer to drink tea.
    I love to have biscuits with tea .. My favorite one is PARLEY-JI
    Whenever I go to anyone in my relative or my friend's circle ...they always offer me tea as they know I love it.
    These days my drinking time during the rains increases.
    Even now when I am writing about tea, I just feel like to have it now.

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    Everything comes by habit. In our house we need coffee only and our first preference is coffee only. When we lived in Madurai till our college education, we addict to have coffee very much. In Chennai also we used to have coffee at first. But my younger brother is the only person in our family who is not taking coffee or tea anything but take milk only on compulsion. He use to comment my parents when writing monthly grocery list to add coffee see one sack, rice only three kilos for a month as we take coffee more than rice.
    It is nice to say here that my first tea was in Jhansi Railway Station during my travel in 1983 from Chennai to New Delhi. A military staff who accompanied with me then, offered me a (mutka cup) tea at the Jhansi station by saying the tea at the station would be good in taste. On his compulsion only I tasted tea as first time in my life.

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    For me tea acts like a tonic. I need it a couple of times in a day albeit in small quantities. It is a habit inculcated since childhood and now remains there stubbornly. Coffee is an occasional drink for me may be 3-4 times a week especially if someone visits us who likes coffee.
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