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    How are ladies managing a shine on their face?

    These days it is noticed that ladies have brought their offices inside the houses. It is already discussed and a known fact but the ladies who are working in the kitchen and also managing the client's over online meetings is really a difficult task.
    The teachers also who are teaching online, have to be ready at least half an hour before the class.

    So, ladies or young girls who are attending online meetings, classes should be presentable and the same attire will not hold good in the kitchen or while they are with children. How are you all managing a charm on your face?

    Let's us get some tips to make our day convenient. Express your ideas.
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    An interesting topic raised by a lady member Sharada. The best answer is known to the lady members only. However, I would like to share something. Women are naturally beautiful, but not like men. Though naturally beautiful, women lack self-confidence. Despite being naturally beautiful, they don't trust their own beauty, but try to look beautiful with makeup and ornaments. 90 percent of cosmetic products are meant for ladies only.

    Ladies are good managers of time. Unlike men, they always carry a vanity bag with them. The bag contains only cosmetic products. They can dress-up in minutes and also in hours.

    I leave it to the women members to post their responses.

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    @Sun - According to you, in the present scenario, women are carrying a vanity bag from kitchen to living room, and then to their working place. Then ladies will become a joker in front of family members, I think. Just imagine this situation.
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    To me, other than the village folks who are natural and beautiful without any makeups, all are with their vanity bags. It is the city or urban culture. While at home, I am sure, the women will have their dressing table busy with their activities.

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    Generally, young age and prosperity bring glow on faces of boys and girls but young ladies destroy their natural glow on face by using too much make up else beautiful ladies don't need any make up even before camera.

    Concerning your question They should finish their work in kitchen much before they go to work online and then they can get themselves ready to face camera.

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    It is very true that ladies are beauty conscious. It is an inherent trait in them. There is nothing wrong in that. It is a thing to appreciate only. The whole fashion and cosmetic industry of the world is thriving on that instinct only. The world beauty related industry is estimated around $530 billion and that by itself shows how important this arena is. Nowadays high quality cosmetic products are available in the market and the working ladies use them in their daily life after washing the faces and taking a bath and those cosmetics are the main reasons for that perceptible glow that we see on their faces. Then they also go to the beauty saloons time to time for certain procedures applied on the face to maintain that glow for a longer period. So there are some efforts behind getting that glow and we must appreciate and respect that grooming endeavour.
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    God has given beauty to everyone, there is no child of his who is not beautiful, it is necessary that we take care of this beauty given to him. ... For this, it is not only important to look beautiful outside, but the beauty inside also matters.

    However, with some products and home remedies, you can always show yourself beautiful

    Beauty, beauty or beauty. Who does not attract. Beauty is not just about being beautiful. It is a mistake to see someone's attractive face. The real beauty lies in being virtuous. Aesthetics have been the focus of our discussions for centuries. Especially in literature. From nature to thinking, thinking etc., beauty is discovered. Whether a poet or a philosopher. Everyone has discussed patterns of beauty.

    While we will not be happy with the mind inside, your real beauty will not improve outside and the mind will not be happy, then we will be happy

    Swati Sharma

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    In the given situation, is it the beauty that matters or is it the overall appearance? Irrespective of your gender, I think it is important for one to look presentable when you are joining a video conference or is going to take an online class. As pointed out by the author, since most of them are working from home, ladies will have too many chores at hand and they need to prepare themselves for the work in such a manner that they look fresh and presentable. I agree with Arafatuzzafar that one must finish their household chores well in time so that they get enough time to get ready to go online. Looks and appearance do matter and especially so for those who are to take online classes. It not only helps in giving you the required confidence but will also help in engaging the students and making them feel refreshed and ready for the class. I think the best option would be to take your online engagements in the same way you would be when you actually go for work. A balancing act is very essential and sticking to a set schedule is very important when you are working from home.
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    We have read the phrase, "Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder" and this stands true in many cases. For a parent, his/her children are the most beautiful. For a husband/wife, their spouse is the best and most beautiful, for a brother/sister their sibling is most attractive, for children their parents are the best and so on. For everyone whom we love is beautiful and if we look from another angle, we can say that they lack something. It is the observer who decides the type of beauty from his point of view. We all have seen fashion shows or beauty pageant and would have understood that the beauty that we see is not what the judges pick.

    We all know about the English model, actress and businesswoman of the late 1980s Naomi Elaine Campbell who was the top model of her times. She topped her time in beauty and the most sorted model in the fashion industry and thus we can say that it is on the observer what beauty means to them.

    Now, when we talk about ladies managing a shine on their face even while working from home and doing the house chores, it is their inborn tendency and ability to maintain their beauty at all times. They can manage many things at the same time and this is what makes them manage any situation with ease.

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    This is the challenging situations for the ladies who are in high posts and need online attending of meetings an also for teachers who want to make the presentations daily. But the look conscious females know the trick of keep their face glowing with instant creams and plush looking make overs which are now available online. Normally the females take care of their looks and even consult the members of the house about any short falls and correct the same. But invariably I have seen that most of the presentations are with natural look with no much make up and thus ladies are also understood the challenges and working within the frame of looking simple.
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    One point I noticed is that ladies are good multitaskers. They can complete their kitchen work before the office work starts. They have many good managerial skills. They know how to manage the situation. Earlier days when they are going to the office, they have to have a travel. But now there is no travel. So that time is a saving to them. Once they complete the kitchen work before entering into office work, they stand for 5 or 10 minutes before the dressing table. That is enough for them to get refresh and they will get ready for the office work.
    In the present situation, gents are also working from home and they are also participating in some works of the house with his wife. Thus he is seeing that she will not get burdened more and all will have equal responsibility in the earnings as well as house works. That will be a good point for the ladies.

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    Frankly, I am disappointed with the text of this thread and the manner in which the way members are responding. On seeing the title, I thought the word 'shine' referred to how ladies are confidently managing both household chores and their online job in a calm and systematically efficient manner. On opening the thread, it is all about cosmetics and clothes. Whether it is a male or female member of the family attending or hosting an online class or meeting, all that matters is being neat and well-groomed generally.
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    Attire is necessary for attending any meeting but charm had no connection with cosmetics in my explanation.

    I was wondering why lady members had a look back on this basic topic which is very much important in online meetings or classes.

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    Some people irrespective of their gender have a shine or glow on their face. Whether it is due to good food habits and Yoga etc or use of cosmetics, it is difficult to differentiate but a shining and glowing face is always a thing of attraction.
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    There are very few women who always have a smile and charm on their face. Even when they are sad, their face would be smiling. That is a special God gift only for a very few women in this world. Such women need no makeups, no ornaments. To shine, one needs makeup. Just wash the face and apply some white powder. They shine temporarily with some glittering gold or rolled-gold ornaments on their ears, nose, neck, wrists and fingers.

    In my family, I had a relative girl who was gifted with such a God gift. She was not fair or dark, but of medium brownish complexion. Alas! she could not lead a life on earth and reached heaven after she married and delivered a baby girl. I am yet to see an ever-smiling girl like her.

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