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    Will it be good for the human race to remain cut off from China?

    We have seen a worst Pandemic, Covid-19 caused by the Corona virus, which has its roots in China. Since the Chinese people have different food habits, there is a high chance that such kind of viruses may arise again and enter the human bodies from animals. In addition to that China's behaviour is also arrogant with other countries. As Donald Trump said, when China could contain the spread Corona virus in their own country, it would have been easier for them to contain the virus from spreading across the world. In this situation, will it be good for the human race if all the countries remain cut off from China?
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    It is a wrong thought that bat has created this virus. It is an escape route for the Chinese to blame the animals and birds that cannot be confirmed from the animals. Trump is right. While Chinese, the highly populated country can contain the virus fully, why is that country not helping the other countries? That's a big question mark. There appears to be a foul play by that country. It is right that other countries should boycott their products and make them to realize their mistake of spreading a virus around the world.

    Just have a look at the activities and behaviour of China with the superpowers after spreading the COVID-19.

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    The fact that China has been slowly capturing the market of the world through its overwhelming products was lately known and after covid effect every nation felt that China become more powerful and people felt their products are superior. Now after India pitched for self reliant mode every other nation also felt the need to sideline and get rid of China and thus slowly dragon country is feeling the pinch of India which is causing wide loss to that country economically. As the US is ably cooperating with India against China and even Naval exercises were conducted in India Ocean to warn China, surely that country is rattled. If they want to encroach and capture lands of border countries and even bossing over small countries cannot attain dictatorship level as long as PM Modi is at the helm of affairs.
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    It is still not concluded from where the virus came as the United States is blaming China and the Chinese are blaming the US for its spread. If we look at India's import and export with China, it is believed that we make only a small share which will not hurt China much but it will affect the imports of goods, machinery, electrical, electronics, chemicals and consumer goods which will push up manufacturing/production costs thereby making products costlier. When goods become costlier, it will affect the domestic buyers and in turn the market. Looking at the present scenario, we can say that we need to ban the Chinese good but we need to keep in mind other aspects of how to tackle the demand for these goods and the price of these when made local. The government need to make a deep study on the subject and make plans that will help both the companies and the consumers.
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    I think we should keep China at a distance. When there are no imports from China people will not have any alternative and they will start using our products only. Once the requirement is more, the manufacturing industry will pick up and employment will be generated. When volumes increase. the fixed costs will come down and hence the rates of the products will come down. So we have to stop China make. Initially, we may have some problem but that will be sorted out. When demand comes our people will rise to the occasion and never ditch us.
    If China is kept at a distance by other countries, we will have more chances for foreign investments. That will boost the economy of the country. Employment will be generated and wealth will be created. That will have a positive impact on the country. So there should not be any second thought in this case.
    Another problem is that they are trying to see that our country will not consolidate its position. So all the people should collectively act against the interest of our enemy country and see that we will progress.

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