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    Are you going for morning and evening walks

    Among the many things that the lockdown had robbed us was our evening and morning walks. It was a big upset for many, especially to them for whom a walk in the morning or evening was kind of a daily habit, without which they won't be able to get a goodnight sleep. Now that the lockdown has been removed from most places, are you back to taking strolls in the neighbourhood? Though in our housing society, they have removed the restrictions of morning and evening walks, we haven't availed that opportunity yet. We prefer to give it a miss, even now, when the lockdown is over at our place. Other than going to the office and bringing items of need, we are not at all venturing outside our home, given that the virus is spreading all around us very relentlessly. How about you? Are you going for a walk, lately?
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    As I suggested in one of my threads, making the figure of 8 and walking on it for a few minutes will sort out the problem of morning and evening walk. What is required is some space inside your home or on your house top/terrace. Why walk away from home for a few kilometers? Stay home, stay safe with figure of 8.

    I used to go to the railway station near my home, and make 10 trips from one end to another end. Now, I go on top to my terrace and make 100 number 8s. Each eight is of 24 steps, that makes me to take 24x100 = 2400 steps. I think it is a good exercise for me at this age.

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    Before the lockdown, I used to go to the garden for a walk in the morning and walk at my terrace after dinner at night.

    But after the lockdown, I stopped going outside, since then both the time I walk on my terrace.
    1 hour after waking up at 5 in the morning and again after dinner, I have also taken a digital watch for this so that I can count to my steps

    Every step of walking takes you towards health. It helps a lot in relieving excess fat. If you walk for 30 to 45 minutes daily with a balanced diet, then gradually you will start feeling your weight loss.
    In many ways walking is considered a safer exercise than running. Fitness experts also confirm that running for the knees and joints is more beneficial than running. This reduces the risk of injury and is also very beneficial for those beginning exercise.

    Walking is beneficial for our heart health. Walking relieves the problem of high blood pressure. This makes the blood pressure normal and the blood flow in the body goes smoothly. In addition, it also helps the cardiovascular system to function optimally.

    Walking at a brisk pace daily gives strength to your muscles. This particularly benefits our leg muscles. Not only this, regular walking also increases your efficiency.

    Due to the corona, it is necessary to stay in our homes on the one hand, on the other hand we need to take care of our health as well, so walking is the best way to keep it healthy.

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    I miss my morning and evening walk very much. My morning walk used to start after the departure of my son's school bus and evening walk after dinner. Nowadays, although many society members are coming down in the compound for a walk I am still preferring the indoor walk. I also play games with my son that includes physical activities like a bit of jumping, fast walking, catching, etc.

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    Thankfully, since I am working in a big public sector company with lots of ample space inside, on occasions I am able to get some walk. However, my family is not able to get any. I feel these walks and light exercises are much essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To compensate for the lack of these I do sometimes exercise at home itself. Padmini, the same is with our society too. Lots of people are walking in the morning as well as evening and some even till late in the night. And Sun, all that moving in 8s, doesn't make your head go crazy?
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    I do not go for morning walk as I do not get time in the morning but yes, I daily go for evening walk. The one-hour evening walk gives me nice pleasure. There is a ringwall in Rampura which is a very good place of natural beauty. I daily visit here and observe the water level and greenery around it. This place lowers down your stress level and you will become relax.
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    I do enjoy walking everyday but during the lockdown, I had to cut down the walk as it was risky. Now as the lockdown has opened up and has got relaxation in many parts, even at our place, we can move like before. After the lockdown, I have started my evening walk like before for 45minute to 1 hour but within our camp area. While going for the evening walk, I do wear the facemask(not the N95 mask) and keep the social distancing from other members or people that are also walking in the camp. After the long working hours in the office, the normal evening walk is a way to relax and make my body healthy and fit.
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    I have no habit of going for a walk. But I work on a treadmill in the mornings. But I went to my native place before lockdown and I was held up there for two months due to lockdown. So I was forced to stop that treadmill also. But I used to visit the houses of my friends in that village and that is giving some walking advantage.

    After coming back I have not started treadmill and it is still folded only. I don't know when will I unfold it. Even though lockdown is lifted, the condition in Hyderabad is very bad and we are not going out for a walk also. It may take more time for the things to become normal I don't know when will I overcome this laziness and restart working on the treadmill.

    But I am maintaining the weight. I have not picked up the wait and I am maintaining my regular weight. I have made some changes in my eating habits and I am spending some time playing with my grandchildren. Probably these two are keeping me normal even though I stopped the treadmill.

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