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    Why they were so angry?

    Anger has many reasons. It is a severe emotional state where our response becomes hostile or very uncomfortable towards others. When people become angry they may do such things which no one can even imagine in a normal state. It can be very destructive and harmful for our well being. Yet, at times it becomes impossible to control our anger. There are ways to control anger and one of the important ones is meditation. I am not going to discuss the ways of reducing anger, I am also not going to point out the reasons for our anger. Rather, I am trying to find out the relation between spirituality and anger. Meditation is an integral part of being spiritual. Those who are spiritual, meditate a lot and they are generally very cool by nature, at least according to my experience. But, I am surprised a lot by one particular issue. In epics and mythologies, there are descriptions of many sages and holy men. There are a few such men who cursed others out of extreme anger. All of these sages and holy men are supposed to be spiritual and hence very cool by nature. They practiced meditation for a long time. Then why they used to become so angry, doesn't their anger contradict with their spirituality?
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    Those days, Munis or saints considered themselves superior to the rulers. The Kings also treated them with high respect. They were treated next to God. Their blessings and cursings were effective. So the kings were afraid of Munis.
    Viswamutra tested and treated King Harichandra badly.
    Muni Durvasa was famous for his anger.
    Karna too suffered by the curses of Parasurama for lying .
    The egoistic Muni Konkanava tried to show off his magical [pwers to Vasuki w/o Thiruvalluvar, and failed.
    Sakuntala was cursed for her love by her own father Kaushika Muni.

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    Those same epics gave the reason at some other context and also showed that certain other qualities stand superior to the qualities of angry sages. One such instance is mentioned by SuN, viz Vasuki.
    The epics do not give a judgement as to who or what are good. They give all kinds of occurrences and happenings and makes the people to ask questions who, what why, how etc and come to their own answers. But they give indirectly the eternal values to be followed by human and society.

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    Anger is an innate quality. We get angry if we see any wrong activity of people. Sometimes we get angry at ourselves too because of our stupidity or any blunder we commit. We are to get angry because of being human beings as we aren't non-living objects.
    But generally anger isn't good for health especially for mind.

    As far as meditation is concerned I too have heard that meditation helps in controlling anger especially unjustified anger. Your question about rishi muni that why they vented anger despite doing meditation I see myself as a out of place creature, however, using common sense it can be conjectured that something was terribly wrong from either side otherwise how cursing could be imagined from people of meditation.

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    The Rishis and Munis does not have the family bonding and they are connected with the God or their mentors and in that case they expect those followers within them to be more courteous, following and sober. Since they get the right of awarding boon after intense penance or tapasya, they would like to transfer the acquired boons to those who follow them or satisfy them with good behaviors. No Muni would ever tolerate abuse of anyone and they would not forgive those who do not follow the set rules of their sect. Thus they get anger over those who need to be punished with their angry curse.
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    Reason for getting angry: - This world is very bizarre and the situation here is such that people who live in it want to prove themselves superior to the person in front of them, even if they have to go to any extent for it. What they want should be what they thought, then all is well, but if the work turns out to be contrary to their thinking, then situations become anger.

    But also gets angry and this is because. Q once again did not act like he was thinking due to his own negligence. If we talk about anger in daily life, then many examples can be found.

    An important reason for anger is stress, so the easiest way to calm it is to relax your muscles. Take deep breaths and be silent for two minutes, and in a while you will find that you are calming down.

    Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Now think that stress is going away from you. As you think, you will find that stress is really going away from you and your mind is calm

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    Well, it shows meditation or spirituality alone is not the panacea to get rid of negative attributes like anger. Many people that we see in the real world surrounding us, are quite cool and controlled even at the greatest of provocation. Our Captain Cool, Dhoni is one such famous figure. Such people might not have anything to do with spirituality or meditation, but still they have been able to come out of such negative vibes. I can see the change in my own self itself. As a child, I often used to get into fights with other kids for silly reasons. My parents were always concerned about my furious temper. But over the years, as maturity crept in, I mellowed a lot and these days I am kind of able to control my anger. All this, without any meditation. So I think it's kind of ego that leads us to get furious at times. This could perhaps partly explain, why the rishi munis used to get hyper at the slightest pretext, even with all their meditation and spiritualism.
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    I agree with the author that angry is very bitter and spoil many things. That is why people say when you are very angry, you should keep silent and should not talk about anything and you should divert your mind from that particular point and start thinking about something else. It is easy to say but very difficult to practice.
    As mentioned by author meditation or prayer may make us less prone to anger. So practising meditation to avoid anger is a good option. If no meditation the alternative is prayer. If you immerse yourselves in praying God, you may become calm and you will not get angry easily.
    Sages are very calm and they have a lot of patience. Generally, they never curse people easily. But there will be a limit for their patience also. If somebody tries to irritate them beyond their threshold they will get angry and definitely they curse them. The cases we hear have happened when the saints are humiliated beyond their threshold. They have the capacity to curse and at the same time, they have the capability of giving boons to the people. So one should respect them always.

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