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    Do not over power those who are weak and cannot confront?

    Normally we see the fight between the equal strengths and that would decide who is more powerful among the two and the people would take sides. But there has been many instances where the powerful people with good support from others and also with their good physique try to over power those who are weak and cannot confront with them. In that case it is not the fight with the equal strength and amounts to bossing over others for no reason. I hate such people who does not have the guts to have their face off with those of their relative strength persons and behave like big achiever in front of subdued persons. What is your reaction?

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    I agree with the author that powerful people intimidate and suppress weak and powerless people. This is an ages long tradition prevalent in every society worldwide. Bullying can be observed and experienced on every level of social hierarchy. We are the part of this dispensation.

    I feel extremely bad when I see a person of good physique is beating a physically weak person and people are standing and watching this fight merely as mute spectators instead of trying to stop it. How cruel they are. It's a quite pathetic aspect of Man. It's abominable.

    If I come across such a situation I promptly interfere in the matter to stop or settle and If it's beyond my capacity I appeal to the people who are watching all this silently or I move forward because it hurts me.

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    Domineering is a common thing in human and is carried for ages. Earlier the landlords, then Britishers, the religious leaders, mafias, the government and even people who feel they have the power(financial or health-wise) try to coerce their power on people who will not react or fight back. If there is atleast one person who will give as good as one gets, such person would not try to show his force or power. It is observed in our neighbourhood or society, the house where there is no one to raise a question or retaliate, everyone will be moving against them, abuse them, torture them, mock them, impinge their property, etc but if there is one person who will react, no one will ever dare to rise their eyebrow on that family. It is not only the society, their relatives, religious leaders, etc will also roar or show power on such incapacitated people.
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    I completely agree with you. ..There is the same practice in many places today, powerful people have been taking advantage of the weak in every way.

    There is a need to change it, this responsibility is not just a single institution or government, but it is the responsibility of the common people to not to be suppress anyone and suppress others.

    When the beginning starts from the lower level, then only it reaches its goal.
    I feel so bad when you think that today even after independence we are still fighting for this.

    Swati Sharma

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    True. A strong person always tries to overpower a weak person. Then only people can recognise him. If he confronts with another strong personality, his success is not sure and people may laugh at him. Hence they never prefer that. This is the order of the day.
    In villages, some people are powerful because of their money or power. They will try to dominate in all the issues of the village. If any other person tries to involve these people will suppress such person. Here the village politics will play an important rule.
    In Kurukshetra, we have seen that equals should quarrel with each other. A Maharadhi will go for a war with another Maharadhi. One should fight with one only.
    But in our society, such rules will not be followed. Many places the strong people will fight with weak people and see that they will follow his orders. When we see such incidents we feel bad. But we will not interfere. But that is not good. We will try to protect weak people alone or by taking the help of others.

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    Hello Mohan, How are you?
    You have ignited a good thought process but it is the nature, where the weaker is always overpowered by the stronger. Survival of the Fittest is nature's theory.
    When there are twins in the womb, the one which is stronger over-powers the weaker one. If you look at vegetation around you, it will be clear. The small plants are not able to grow properly under the huge trees. But nature has it's own mechanism to keep this world moving without problems.
    I term the strong ones to be parasites who try to over-power and over-shadow everyone. Many say that the weaker people are there so that they are exploited. I like you get agitated when I see that a superior one is trying to overpower the weaker one and number of time have got my self involved to settle the matter.
    Now come to the political system, the masses are weak and therefore their leaders are becoming powerful.
    It is the weaker one who is at fault as they keep cribbing about their weakness, never try to stand against the powerful ones.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    Welcome back Nadeem , extremely happy to see your response. Please be with us and I want your participation.
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