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    How to enhance brain power!

    I remember my childhood days when I (rather many of you also) could remember telephone numbers. It was not only of the close relatives and friends but also general telephone numbers.
    With aging I think our brain power is diminishing! Do you also feel the same.
    It is very embarrassing when at a given point of time we forget most important thing. We are not able to recall is unless someone comes to our rescue.
    Dementia is a problem which come through aging. Here in the forum that are many medical professionals. I am addressing this part of my thread to them, with a question as to what is the reason and how can we enhance our brain power if possible!
    If one asks a common man regarding this problem, he gets suggestions to eat dry fruits, vegitables containing more of proteins, to get up early in the morning and do some exercises, etc. But does this all help us in the longer run.

    Friends, this is a common problem which has to be addressed. Join in the discussion and lets find out a good remedy to enhance brain power.
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    I think you would have probably asked it in the Ask Experts section of this site to get the valuable answers from the ISC experts. Anyway, I request the concerned editor to please shift it to that section as it requires a detailed answer.
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    The author has raised the topic for discussion relating the common suggestion of eating enriched protein food to enhance brain power while forgetting the important information with advancement of age is also very common in nature. Let us have this thread here itself for participation of members in the discussion.

    For the benefit of some members who are not aware of the author, he is an old reputed member of this site and worked in the Editorial team quite for sometime and well aware of various sections of this site.


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    Hello Jagdish,
    Thanks for introducing me to the new members of the Study Channel family. It has been more than three years since I have been away from this site due to personal reasons.
    For new members, I would like to add that this site happens to enhance your knowledge as all the members are educated and well-read. They keep on doing brainstorming and bring in innovative ideas to the discussion forum. It sometimes used to happen with me in the past, as I was having some problem, and when I used to log in to the site, would get a reply to my problem through the forum thread.
    It is wonderful to interact here with friends whom most of us have never met. Still, the understands level is at par.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    Our elders told us to eat almond and walnut for increasing the brain power. Then we were asked to sleep early and then get up early in the morning and go outside for a stroll especially on green grass. All these things were attributed to making a healthy body with a healthy brain. I do not know how these things are and how much they are effective but in many families such things are being followed.
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    I immediately looked for the date of the post on seeing your name in the forum index. I thought someone might have pulled up an old thread. What a pleasant surprise! Glad to see you back in action here. Hope we will get to see you more often with your contributions here.

    Coming to your query, I think there is little we can do to keep our memory power intact when it is caused due to the age factor or due to medical reasons. Problems like dementia, Alzheimer's etc set in gradually and there are many reasons attributed to the same. I doubt whether we would be able to increase or at least keep our memory power stable in such cases. There may be many traditional and scientific prescriptions to reduce the impact but I don't think we can stay away if it is a natural process. Yes, for those who have a loss of memory or are finding it difficult to store their memory due to reasons other than those mentioned before, there are apparently many suggestions and even medical guidelines that have been found to be effective.

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    Thanks for the introduction of Mr Nadeem and coordination.

    Welcome back to ISC, your old portal, hope you would spare more time to be here. It is always a 'feel good' feeling to welcome back the old members.

    Coming to the issue under discussion, there are many things suggested by the experts for enhancing or maintaining the brain power. Some of them are having a good sleep, regular exercise, drinking stimulants like coffee, meditation, eating healthy and nutritious food, playing mind games etc. Unfortunately these are not scientifically tested on a large sample of population and cannot be said as fool proof ways to maintain a strong memory or brain power. I have seen some people in the age group of 90-95 years who are very sound and strong in their thinking and activities related to the brain and talk like a 45 year person. At the same time there are some who in spite of having a robust health lose their memory and other cognitive functions merely at an age around 70-75 years. So, it is difficult to corroborate these things and may be with more research in the area we might one day get knowing more about these complicated issues.

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    When we have the forgetting tendencies, then try to remember the same thing again and again. You may try to write the same in a diary and refer it when you want. My practice of remembering the things is to look for some easily spotting things when we are going to places. For example at the main entrance of my colony is the gas agency which is famous in the area and if someone ask the address I would say just before gas agencies and people need not worry about my address verification. Likewise when you are studying a book or information try to remember the related matter and that would get back to the original matter.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I am happy to see a reputed member on this site who worked in Editorial board for some time. Probably his presence may be very useful to members like me to learn a lot from his expertise and knowledge. I wish he will contribute here continuously for some time.
    As the human being attains the age, their remembrance power will come down. This is an ageing problem. If there are no worries, no tensions and happy moments are there in life, I think we will have a better memory. But once we are tensed we will forget many issues. That is why when we go for an examination, people say go with a calm mind and don't get tensed. So if we are calm, happy and cool, we will have a better remembrance. But if we are in tension we will forget many issues.
    Keeping healthy habits and active may increase our memory power. There is one Ayurvedic medicine called Saraswathi Lehyam. If we use that our memory power may improve. Similarly, there is an oil called Brahmi Tylam. If it id applied to our hair, also our remembrance power may get enhanced. These are ayurvedic medicines and useful for aged people also.

    always confident

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