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    Time to revise options in parent category and filter categories for ISC Forums

    Our respected Webmaster Mr.Tony John made an important announcement about switching the focus of the contents from general to education.

    As the URL of the ISC suggests, is a website aimed to provide information regarding study/education in India. But practically, in forum section we still do not have many options to select relevant category for posting education-related threads.

    For example, in the parent category of Education, it is better to have a category "Online Education". We had numerous threads posted in the lockdown period on the topic "Online Education" but the writer has no choice but to select "Education - General" as a category.

    In another example, ISC had various threads discussing "Books". But, though "Books" are an integral part of "Education", we do not have any parent category or category option for "Books".

    Hence I would like to suggest some "Parent category - Category" combinations here :
    1. Education - Online Education

    2. Books - Educational
    Books - General Knowledge
    Books - Spiritual and Mythology
    Books - Personality Development / Self Help
    Books - General

    Would you like to suggest some categories for the Forum section?

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    It is a good suggestion from the author. More clarity will come if more categories are created and the author can select a proper category and submit his/her thread. Hope the thinktank of ISC will consider this suggestion as a good suggestion and try to implement. Many topics will be going into General category and Miscellaneous subcategory only.
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    A valid suggestion from the Author to include Online education and Books. I would recommend adding a section "Computer" as a sub category under Education. Anything relating to computer can be posted under this category.
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    A good suggestion that will add value to the site as this will help members and even guest to get what they require with ease. It is a good observation and much-required update which will be very helpful for the site and visitors. I too would like to add my suggestion:

    1. Education - Online
    Education - Offline
    Education - School
    Education - College
    Education - Professional
    Education - Kids
    Education - Technology

    2. Technology - Education
    Technology - Apps
    Technology - Security
    Technology - Banking
    Technology - Engineering

    3. Entertainment - TV
    Entertainment - Movies
    Entertainment - Actors/Actress
    Entertainment - Music

    4. Career Guidance - Students
    Career Guidance - Working professionals
    Career Guidance - Job Seekers
    Career Guidance - Parents
    Career Guidance - Other

    I would also like ISC to have an Index section for each section that will help to run through for easy pic of any article or topic to read or other purposes.

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    Mr.Varghese sir, you have indeed thought very deeply. Your suggestions are really very detailed and perfect. It is really great to see my suggestion is sparking a much needed change in our beloved ISC website.

    I hope Webmaster Mr.Tony John and Lead Editors will notice this thread for good.

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    Over the years we've had many suggestions from members to add categories in the forum and Ask Expert section. Each time the Webmasters have reiterated that they do not wish to add more categories and that the category of miscellaneous or others is suitable to place other topics related to the main category. However, I do feel we need a category of books under the one of education in our forum. The category of online education may not be a popular one, though, on a long-term basis. The detailed categories suggested by Varghese also do not offhand seem to be required for the forum. This is my personal opinion and I will forward this thread to the admin. I do like the suggestion to at least add online education and books to the education category since we are moving towards the education niche.

    A footnote - you do not literally need to copy the title of any thread when giving a link, such as the one you have put on Tony Sir's announcement. Just put some relevant anchor text in the HTML tags of the link (e.g. academics or education niche or announcement of new niche, etc).

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    Vandana Mam, it is perfectly fine if not detailed categories are created. But webmaster should think about creating relevant categories to "Education" field such as Online education, Books, technology, etc.
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    It was a great suggestions. I have implemented the following categories:


    1. Online Education


    1. Online Education
    2. Books

    Thank you so much for your suggestions to make ISC a better place and supporting us on our initiative to make this a more education oriented portal.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Thanks to webmaster Tony for adding Online education in ask experts and online education, books in forum section so that members can have separate sharing in that category.
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