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    Hot or normal. Which water do you prefer for your bath?

    I was brought up in a village atmosphere. We used to sit under a hand pump and have a bath in the evenings after coming back from the school during my childhood days. The water was very fresh and we used to enjoy that bath. But in the mornings we used to have a bath only with hot water. When I compare these two always I used to give preference to a normal water bath. Even now also my habit remains the same. Early morning I will have a bath with hot water. But in the evening a bath with normal water. Of course, not under a hand pump but in the bathroom with a shower.

    The habits of the people will vary and the likes and dislikes also will be different from person to person. I like the bath with normal water. But it may not be the case with all. What is your preference?
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    It depends on the season. In summer, I always take a bath in normal water even in the mornings but if it is winter, then I take a bath in warm water. Actually, it depends on habit a lot. I have seen people taking a bath in normal water during chilly winter mornings and also seen people taking a bath in warm water throughout the year. I think, taking a bath in both hot and cold water has health benefits and you may choose one depending on your condition.

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    I like to bathe with normal water in every season, I do not like to bathe with hot water, it has become my habit now to take bathe with normal water so that no matter what the weather is, I want the water to be normal in the bath and I think its many benefits too Which we cannot get in bathing with hot water.

    If we start our day with normal or cold water, then freshness remains in our body throughout the day and at the same time, our physical beauty remains intact. Bathing with hot water intensifies our blood circulation but slows down in some time, but before bathing with cold water, our blood circulation is first slowed down but later intensifies. Which is quite beneficial, it gives us many advantages.

    Additionally, regular bathing with warm water reduces blood circulation on our upper skin. Bathing with hot water does not allow proper circulation of blood to the upper surface of the outer skin of our body. In addition, the blood cells of our body near the outer skin also become weak. While bathing with cold water, they become stronger.

    Thank you, it is a matter of your choice and physical ability that you like bathing more than what kind of water.

    Swati Sharma

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    In my village, We have a well on my farmland. It has a pump set. But we enjoy falling into the well to have a bath. While in my city where river Tamirabharani flows 24x7, I used to take bath regularly twice. In the morning the river water used to be very cool, in the evening it used to be warm. It is known as southern Ganga. Now I am in Bengaluru and the weather is pleasant. We have a solar heater. It provides warm water. Yet I like to bath in normal water from river Kaveri. However, during severe winter, I bath in hot water. During extreme winter, the solar water heater may not be effective to provide hot water. I use the geyser for bathing.

    Due to lockdown, my bathing routine has changed. I have reduced my bathing frequency. I bath only on even days and just have a wash on odd days.

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    I had a relative (Uncle) who was about 90 years of age which I was just a boy of 7 or 8 years. He came to our house and it was summers. In the morning I saw that my father was pouring hot water in the bucket in the bathroom. I asked him as to what he was doing? He replied that my uncle would be taking bath. I was shocked that he will take a bath with hot water in summer!
    We were living on the third floor in govt flats and in the evening when I was going to get milk, my uncle urged me to take him along. I told him that he will get tired in getting down and then coming up through the stairs and then he will have to walk some distance to the market.
    But he accompanied me and I was shocked to see him walk fast than me and was not complaining about the stairs. When I asked him the reason he said, "Son always take bath with warm water to keep your body active and energetic". Since then I have been taking bath only with warm water.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    Nowadays I take bath only in warm water.

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    Welcome Nadeem Naqvi. Very nice to see you back in ISC forum after a long gap. I recall the days when I joined ISC and you were quite active then. Anyway welcome back.

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    It is definitely a privilege to welcome the old members who come back here once they get time out of their hectic life schedule and I also take this opportunity to welcome back Mr Nadeem in this evergreen site.

    Coming to the topic, it definitely varies from person to person and is an individual habit to take bath with normal water or warm water. I remember in my childhood (about 55-60 years back) when I was in my village, we did not have much choice in this regard as the water spring from where we fetched water was about a km far and we took our bath there itself and brought back with us only the drinking water. So when we poured the spring water on our head we used to shiver especially in winters but the elders told us that it would feel like that only in the beginning itself and then it would be normal. It was true and we bathed in that water for the year around and washed our clothes in the nearby rivulet. Today I am transformed into an urbanite and cannot take bath with normal water and invariably want the warmer one.

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    We have the solar heater fixed on the roof and connected to the taps. So hot water would be coming automatically in all the taps. But I would prefer normal water which is also hot these days to the severe summer even during the rainy season. Some people have the habit of bathing in cold water every season and they are habituated to it. But many wants to go for hot water during the winter season when the temperature would be cold. Any way we are getting hot and cold water in the taps, for us we can tackle any season with ease. But thoughts goes to armed forces who are now bracing up to face the strong winter in the region. How they are going to cope up amid the war clouds against the China. Surely they would be having all the necessities to have cover from the strange weather there.
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    For me also, bathing in hot or cold water depends on the season as commented by Sankalan(#704945). When I am home in my native, we use well for all-purpose and it is fresh and cool but in winter, I use hot water for bathing. As brought up in a boarding environment, we were forced to take a bath in cold water throughout the year. During the summer, we enjoyed taking bath in cold water but in winter, we would run below the shower have a quick bath and run back. As nearly 50 boarders took bath in a single go, we all would be doing it quickly as others would be waiting for their turn after us. Now, at my workplace, we have a heater but during summer, the water is so hot that we cannot take bath even in the early morning so we store water in a bucket and use it for bathing. Bathing in cold and hot water depending on the season has its best and feel and I think many would agree with me.
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    The choice is completely based on the season. I mostly prefer normal water as it feels fresh to me but in winter I do not take a chance and use geyser. We also have a solar system for hot water in bathroom but that hardly gives hot water in winter and monsoon. Due to the Corona issues, we are using warm water only for bathing.

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    Whenever I go to village, I prefer to have bath in wells or rivers though I used to have warm or hot water only normally. In my school days I was habituated to have hot water bath. But once I started to work, I stayed in my uncle's house and with hesitation to ask hot water, I started to take bath in cold water. Moreover I have to move for my office, which is situated far from our house, by daily 5.00 am, to get rid of sleeping, I started to have cold water bath and continued then. Now as I am suffering from bone degeneration heavily my doctor suggested me to have hot water bath and now a days I am taking hot water bath but whenever I see the river and well, I changed my mind to take cold water bath.

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    Thanks Mr. Venkiteswaran (#704979)for your welcome note.
    I also thank Mr. Umesh (#704982) for his welcome note about me.
    I have been away from this site for about three year and not when I have gathered my self I am back.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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