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    Keeping your mind happy makes you happy No matter what the situation

    We are going to talk about how the mind has an effect in our life, by understanding the power of the mind, we can control it and live our life in the desired way… Yes, I mean that it is very important to harmonize both mind and body.

    If the mind is happy today, "the child will be devilish, and love will come upon him",

    Even if your elders are angry with you, you will still embrace them and will say sorry with love, even if you made a mistake or not, it will not make any difference …… and the day is bad… .then do not ask for a glass Fallen too, neither will I get angry like the whole stand has fallen… You shout at yourself by screaming ……

    So when this mind has so much power, why not be friends with it a little bit, make it explode, entertain it

    Yes, yes, why not, we are human, we can convince anyone, then this mind is ours, it is a child and it is our own child, what a great thing… to convince it.
    Your mind also accepts defeat in front of your one power, that is your inner power.
    What do you think about it Also give some tips that will help in controlling the mind
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    It is said that the mind is the master of our body and our actions. Whatever we do or appear as doing is all the handiwork of our mind. The interesting thing about the human body is that all its biological and chemical reactions or interactions are governed by the brain and it only makes us cheerful as well as sad time to time. Many scientist compare the brain with a CPU of a computer but it is much more than that. CPU can do the work as per the program and do not consider emotions as a valid command while the mind takes each and every sentiment very seriously. If there is a bad news our eyes sometimes are filled with tears. How the mind orders the different glands and parts in the eye to secrete the tears is something that men made machines have still to learn and I have my own doubts whether such mimicking would be possible or not. So mind is a very powerful but complex thing that we have. We can definitely enrich it with our learnings and knowledge acquisitions but ultimately we would be under its wings only.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The elders used to say that when we wake up, either we should see our hands first, or the God's photo first or the Sun rising first. Why they said this because our mind should be alert and able to sustain and face the challenges of the day with great gusto. If we believe in ourselves and our confidence, surely any challenge can be met with ease in any given time and hence seeing the first look and believing own hand is good. When we see the God's photo or even the rising sun sometimes it may late and we may even forget as people would be forcing us to wake up. So keep mind fresh from the time you wake up and believe in your own self.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Let us see that things will not get into our mind. Then we can keep our mind happy. But some issue or others may get into our mind and we will start worrying about it. That will tell upon our health also. So we should try to keep ourselves happy. When we start thinking too much about an issue and start thing about the issue negatively our mind will get tensed and we will get into a sorrowful mood. That will result adversely on our health.
    When the need comes we will act as deemed fit at the correct time. This attitude is always is the best. Thinking too much and thinking, again and again, is never desirable.

    always confident

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    Our mind is store-house of everything that a human does. It can think, create, fly, visualise, repair, motivate, wander, feel, sympathise, love, care, cry, get angry, etc. Our mind plays a big role in every emotion that human shows at times. We can think about the past, present, future, the things that we have never seen, can fly to unknown places and feel it, we can overthink about any past incidents, we feel pain when our beloved hurt us or they get hurt, we cry when we are sad or when we are happy, etc. From this, we can understand that our every emotion, feelings and thoughts are controlled by our mind. Our mind which we can never see but is a power-house like the CPU of the computer or much more than CPU as it has the power to control us. If we can have control over our mind, we will be able to have control over our feeling and be happy no matter what the situation be.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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