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    The 25th hour

    Technically, a day has 24 hours. So what is this 25th hour in the title? It refers to somehow finding that one extra hour at least within our day's schedule to do something other than what we do daily.

    The concept for this thread arose from a video that I got via WhatsApp which showed a couple who are in the medical profession maintaining a superb collection of old locks, clocks and other knick-nacks in their large home. They are often asked by friends where they get the time to expand on their collection, maintain it so well and enjoy it. They talk about the '25th hour' which is, they say, the time one needs to keep aside doing something enjoyable for oneself, perhaps including one's family members as well in some activity, or just doing something alone. It is akin to what one would call me time.

    It's true isn't it, that often we will tell ourself "I wish I had the time" but invariably that something we wanted to do gets nudged aside a little, then slowly pushed into a corner, and eventually just shoved into the back recesses of our mind, eventually to dispapper into a hazy cloud. That 25th hour is thus often just a mirage.
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    25th hour is a mirage. But when we have a lot of work to do and we are not able to complete within the timeframe we always feel that God might have given an hour extra everyday.
    But we all know it is not possible. Sometimes we plan some work for a day and if we complete that work in advance and if we do something extra than planned we will think that day is having 25 hours.
    Sometimes we feel the time is running very fast and some times we feel it is very slow. This is all our thoughts only. Time will be moving at the same speed always. It is not a hurry sometimes and not lazy also sometimes.

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    There is no 25th hour as such, it's all in the mind. The psychological of a person can drag him in accordance with the thoughts.

    Every person has a set of word schedules every day. It all depends on the prioritisation of works. If we really want to complete a task it will be in our priority list. The best example is a thread a day challenge, wherein members managed to raise the thread within the stipulated 24 hours of the day.

    We have to give priority to our hobbies, talents and all that we ought to discover. Life is very short, utilise it to the utmost.

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    There is no need to have a 25th hour. As it is, we are not using the 24 hours fully beneficially. Out of the 24 hours, we spend 1/4th of it for sleeping. Many hours for gossiping about others. Many hours in our journey. Many hours in irrelevant activities. We hardly work sincerely for the eight hours allotted to us. In fact, we waste many hours in our life. If we want to do something for one hour, treat the hours as 23 and add a special hour to make it 24.

    Let us hold on with 24, and make use of it for our maximum advantage and benefit.

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    This is a good post about the proverbial 25th hour. I imagined we call it 25th hour because of the stress to finish something within a day. Now I know better. I think 25th hour comes from the time we save in past. Sleep a day early and wake early, and you will be blessed with an extra hour.
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    When I read the title of the thread, the first thought that came to my mind was about doing things at the last moment. I have heard such phrase form my sisters who would always scold me for doing the things at the last moment as they used this phrase doing at the 25th hour. Thanks to the author for correcting it and making me know that the 25th hour means keeping aside an hour for self or what we call the "Me" time.

    We all have some passion, talent and desire of something that we have being longing to do or achieve but with time, it gets dumped underground. The reason may be a busy life or hectic schedule or family life but when we look back, we feel depressed or lost and that is what makes us look so gloomy.

    As example stated in the thread, we all need to keep aside that 25th hour and follow our passion or desire. Even though the 25th hour is a mirage, let it not make our passion for something that we believe isn't real but take time and try to make it real and enjoy life to the fullest.

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