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    How do you Think about God and Thank Him?

    My dear Fellow ISCian,
    I think, almost all the ISCian present here have faith in God. We think about Him and Thank him for every moment of happiness and while in sorrow or depression. He is the only unknown invisible saviour whom we trust and live on this earth. Though we belong to different religions and faith, we think of only one God, in general. It is a must that despite any oddness in our life, we should take His name once in a day regularly without fail.

    Now my question is - How do you Think and Thank that great Lord God.

    What I do is - Early in the morning, Immediately after waking up from the sleep, I close my eyes and say "Oh God!. Thank You for my safe rising today. May this day be a Happy day." and look at my both palms together. Before going to bed, I write 'Thank You God' in a notebook I am maintaining and keeping under the pillow. Regularly everyday, without fail, I write and go through the words 'Thank you God' in my notebook that gives me a sound sleep. In addition, after my bath, I spend three minutes to spell the names of all the names of the deities I know, including my Mother and Father who are no more.

    Members, How do you Think and Thank you God everyday?

    @This is my 22nd-day thread, beyond the challenge contest.
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    God is a great support in the lives of human beings and it is like a tree without which a creeper cannot climb up. Whether one has faith in it or not the interesting thing about God is that those who believe in it pass their life peacefully and quietly with that invisible support and those who do not believe feel as if they are deserted and are in isolation. So the advantage is very obvious and choice lies with the individual. It is not that the concept of God is only in our society. It is everywhere and in one form or other people worship Him. Another interesting thing about God is that some of the religious leaders make the gullible public fool in the name of God and take advantage out of it.
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    I daily thank God for whatever happened on that day and I express my gratitude for all the things he has given so far in my life. I am always grateful to HIM. Sometimes the things may happen in the way we never wanted. But it is God we decided that we should have that. So he knows better than me, what I want. So I believe him and ask HIM to do whatever is goo to time. I express my thanks to HIM for all that.
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    I am from a very religious family, my father and my grandfather give 3 to 4 hours only in worship, so I too have a habit of worshiping from childhood and this is everyday to thank God for this life

    Remembering him in the morning and saying thank God for inspiring me to become a better person.
    before having food thanking God for that food , while writing now I am thanking him that he made me worth it

    It is far beyond the imagination of a normal human being, if we offer flowers and water to him with love, or take his name with a sincere heart or help a helpless person, then he is easily pleased with us, but When we forget him by being selfish, then there is a distance between him and us

    We should always thank him every moment by being grateful to that God instead of just complaining that he gave us such a beautiful life

    I always thanks to GOD for every moment of my life.

    Swati Sharma

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    My prayers to the God would start at wee hours between 4 am to 4.30 am and that time is the best for seeking pardon, favors or boon from the God. Certainly I thank the God for being so kind to our family and woke me up alive and do all the rituals that are slated before the God. I say four things daily. What ever good words I say to the people are my mantras dedicated to the God. What ever rounds I make may be taken as the rounds made to that particular God. What ever I eat may be treated as Neivedyam to the God. And by reach out to others are the help from the God who instigated me to do so. And before going to bed, I thank the God for the day's progress and good time.
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    I am from the catholic faith and have full faith and trust in God. We believe that God is the creator, protector, feeder, destroyer, sustainer, healer, ruler, forgiving and loving. We believe that we are blessed with everything because of him and he is the one who provides us with everything from shelter, food, clothes, health, family, etc and we need to thank him for his unconditional love that he pours on every one. In the Bible, it is written that we(humans) are created in the image and likeness of God so everyone is dear children of his.

    In catholic family, there is a habit of reciting the Rosary every day at 7:00 Pm with the family. I have studied in a Franciscan missionary boarding where we had a prayer in the morning, evening(Rosary) and before studies. Even my mother emphasised on saying a thank you prayer as we get up and before going to bed. I do say a thank you prayer as a highlight by SuN(in the thread) and recite the rosary every day.

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    There is a story in Purana. Once Naradha muni was having ego that he is the only person uttering 'Narayana' more than any one. He met Agasthya once on his way and told with pride about this. But Agasthya replied that a village man is greater than Naradha. Astonished Naradha asked who was that person. Agasthya showed a village man. Both of them observed that village man about his daily activities by hiding near his house. Village man woke from his cot at the entrance of the house and told 'Narayana take care of me this day' and went for his routine work,later in night when he comes to his bed he told 'Narayana, thanks for the day'. Puzzled Naradha, asked Agasthya how he is great as he utters Narayana only twice. Agasthya without telling anything, asked Naradha whether he would accept a challenge and on agreeing Agasthya gave a opened cup of oil in his hand and asked him to return the cup in the evening after his round (sanchaar) is over without spilling a drop. Agreed Naradhaa gone through his sanchaar and returned the cup as it was, to Agasthya successfully. Felt happy, Agasthya asked Naradha after appreciating his success, how many times he utter Narayana on that day. Naradha with annoyance replied he did not utter Narayana even one time as his entire attention was on the oil cup. Agasthya replied that the similar is in the case of village man as his utterance of Narayana twice is great amidst his daily hectic work. From this story we learnt that the uttering God's name whenever we find time as we donot have time separately for thinking God.

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