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    Our judgemental power is weakened in times of desperation

    There are many things in our lives that are beyond our control and we attribute them to the luck or destiny. Still we try to correct them and try to bring them to the groove but when we fail utterly in that it brings in us a feeling of desperation. It is nothing new and happens with many of us at one time or other in our lives. The point I want to make now is that in the condition of desperation we take some actions or attempt something which brings more agony and problems in our lives because whenever we take some action during the stage of desperation, we lose our judgemental power and do mistakes and take wrong actions resulting in unfavourable results. What do the members think about this? Please share your views.
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    You are true that when people get upset due to any reason in their life, they get frustrated and many times, instead of finding solutions, they make their life problems more complicated by taking some wrong decisions.

    The time of trouble comes in everyone's life and also goes away, think peacefully at that time, take the company of your loved ones and talk to your mind, then your big problems will also be solved in an easy way. ..

    There are many stages in life in which one has to move forward while fighting the struggle. Many people have the same life. Life goes on after school, college, career and marriage, but there are sudden ups and downs in the lives of many people, which are very difficult. If you escape from the troubles and adopt your comfort zone, then your life will stop there, but with the struggle to realize your life dreams then one day there is a realization that a human being can do what he thinks.

    Always keep a good idea because time never stays the same and be happy and support others, this will automatically help you

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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