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    One word uttered thrice-their applicability

    Words are sharper than swords. In Muslim religion during the marriage ceremony, they use this method of uttering the same word thrice, in acceptance at marriages.

    We also have noticed teachers utter words in various circumstances with voice modulation to pressurise on the words, let students know the word clearly. In courts also we use one word thrice that is order-order-order.

    Some words in English follow the same method for the present, past and future tense like cut-cut-cut, put-put-put (uttered thrice). In regular communications whenever a person pressurises the word for the third time, he or she will be in anger.

    Let's check if members have come across such words and instances in their regular days.
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    When we welcome our guests home, we say 'come..come...come.."
    When want to chase a beggar from our doorsteps, we say, go..go..go.."
    When we laugh at something, we say haa...haa..haa"
    When we feel pity, we say,,'cho..cho..cho.."
    When we don't like something, we say, "chee...chee.. chee"
    When we don't want something badly, we say, ""
    When we want to show your curiosity, "yes.. yes...yes..."
    When we don't need more, we say, "enough...enough...enough,"
    When we don't want something and want to stop it, we say, "please...please...please....' I don't want it.
    When a person is on death bed, they would ask, Paani...Paani...paani...."

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    Repetition of words is only done for emphasising that we want someone to obey it or undertake the activity being asked. Sometimes it works and sometimes the other person might get irritated and ignore these repetitive commands or requests. Such repetitions are also done in situations of acute desperation in life. Terrorised and horrified persons also utter such repetitions in acclamations and raising SOS. They are applicable sometimes in the context they are being spoken by the people. Otherwise they do not have any meaning in isolation.
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    You have actually got the triggering point. It was really natural to read your reply.
    When the child does not stop crying and when we at signal point with only the traffic police managing the traffic, we hear-stop..stop..stop.

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    Yes, uttering one word thrice is very much in practice and the number three is common in many places.
    When we round the shrine in temples we used to come round three times
    When the auction is conducting the auction is finalized by saying 'one time, two time, three time'
    When one running competition starts we used to say, 'one, two, three'
    When we call the erring children to come near us, we used to say, 'you should come to me before I complete one, two three'.
    In Tamil there is a saying, 'virunthum marunthum moonu naal' which means it is in practice that no guest/hosts feel normal if it exceeds three days, similarly doctors suggests to take any medicine normally for three times /day.

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    When we say something thrice, the point would reach the mind and we act accordingly. That is the reason being so what the Sun shared is right and that is happening.
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    We hardly use repetition of words in our normal talk. It is rightly said that when we want to accentuate and make a special and noticeable effort. When we are angry, we may utter a word, No! more than once which make it clear of what we mean. When we are happy, we may the word Ha! in repetition and it becomes a burst of laughter. When we are surprised, We may say wow! more than once which shows our excitement, when we want a favour or help, we say please! in repetition and it becomes pleading or request. Even in writing, we use repetition of words when we want to highlight some point, character, feature, etc.
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    When we want somebody to do without fail what we say, we may repeat the same word three times. When somebody is trying to postpone the work we forcefully say that we want you to do the work now, right now and now means now. This now-now-now will make the other person understand the importance of the work and he may try to do it. When the teacher scolds the students with the same word three times means he is very angry with the student. To make the student understand his anger the teacher repeats its thrice. But if we use this technic frequently people may take that also casually.
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    It is very common to see the utterance of a word three times in buses. If the bus doesn't stop at a bus stop, the passenger would raise and shout, "stop..stop..stop.." It won't be one or two or four, but only three.

    The bus conductor would also demand the passengers to buy ticket saying, "ticket...ticket...ticket....'

    In railway stations, we can hear the tea seller saying, "Chai..chai...chai/"

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    Wonderful responses from members. As mentioned Maths teacher pressurises on the word try, try, try for solving the problems as well motivating them to practice.
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    I think many of us use these repetitions of words often in our routine lives especially when we want to impress on something to be taken up immediately. The person who is hearing it gets the message that there is some desperation around.
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