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    You take whatever medicine you wish!

    Caution! Never think of taking medicines without a prescription. You must Know about Adverse Drug Reactions and ways to minimize it before taking any medications out of your own. The title of the thread is a comment made by a chap the other day.

    I do not know whether there is any person who is willing to taste medicines out of pleasure but a comment from that person made me think like that. I was in a medicine shop and as usual, a few people were also there standing at a distance from each other. A young chap came and greeted the shop owner by saying that he got a new distributorship of a particular company and henceforth will look after the supplies in the area. It is understood that he is relieved after getting this opportunity. It's a very common affair to treat your friends and family members after a successful venture. Likewise, the shop owner asked the chap about the treat. That chap smiled and said since it's a lockdown in the area and all the shops are closed he won't be able to purchase anything eatable but there is one way out. He said, "You are sitting at a place surrounded by medicines, so take whatever medicine you wish and I will pay for it". Something, unexpected, and never imaginable. I am sure, he was joking.
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    In today's time, everyone is educated, so everyone should know what is right and what is wrong, yet some people, despite knowing everything, make huge mistakes, which can have very dangerous consequences. Eating medicine without asking a doctor is one of those mistakes.

    Without any medical advice, taking any kind of medicine or injection from a chemist can prove fatal for you. In fact, about the incident in Yamunapar in Delhi, Dr. Anil Bansal, chairman of the Delhi Medical Association (DMA) Anti Quackery Cell, says that 80 to 90 percent of the chemists are giving medicines without prescription, which are already available to the people of Delhi. Poses a threat to But now these drug shoppers have also started giving injections and drips which is nothing short of calling death. This story is becoming not just of Delhi but of every small and big city.

    At present, due to the rate of corona, many people are doing this carelessness, and some evil social elements are taking advantage of this evil problem by understanding the time of their business growth. We all need to be careful with such people and if sometimes the health worsens then go directly to the doctor and not the chemist

    Swati Sharma

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    If anyone just stands at a chemist shop (in small-town especially) for about half an hour you will be surprised that every third person who comes to the shop complaining head-ache, stomach ache, or any other physical problem, the pharmacist cooly walks to any shelf and brings in a blister of tables/capsule. Then he would just like a doctor authoritatively say to have the medicine on intervals...
    But actually they are not at fault it is the mindset of the people that he is a pharmacist and therefore he has knowledge about the medicine and they can render help. The Medical Representatives who are not from the field of medicine/medical background sell their products with positivity that there will be no side effects. The poor people have faith in the chemist and the chemist on the Medical Representative and the chain goes on.
    You would be surprised that I have not taken medicine since 1991 till date, even if I am not well. I cannot stand the medicines and especially antibiotics. It is better to use the home-made proven remedies to cure yourself with fever, body pain, etc than to believe whatever medicine you like to take it!

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    Actually the self medication in our public started only because of hesitating to approach a doctor who in his turn charges more. If the basic one is correct people will not go to alternate. By seeing crowd in clinics, hospitals people got increased laziness and start to approach medical shops. In those days the doctor in many cities and villages charges normally but nowadays the doctors, in order to collect the amount spent by them for the education, charging high from the patients. People also start to think for this 'small fever / head ache / Cold' (according to them it is small)why should we spent 100 rupees or three hundred rupees. In our area one doctor who is servicing since 1978 now charging for just consultation 300 rupees. Afford people do not think otherwise. People do not have patience to approach the Government hospitals. But it is to state that there are dispensaries run by corporation / Panchayaths in almost all areas. Besides this there are dispensaries of Ayurveda medicines in some places. People should never took self medication or through medical shops instead they should go to the dispensaries run by government.

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    Taking a alophathic medicine is always associated with risk factors and even side risks. Normally we act on the prescriptions of the doctor who suggest the medicine as per the ailments. But there are few chemists and druggists who are well versed with all medicines and it uses. Just now I had the head ache and looking for saridon in my home as I had to drench in the rain for fetching something. Instead I found paracetamol tablet which worked wonder to contain my headache instantly. If you know the medicines and its effects and taking them without advise of doctor is allowed but not for all ailments.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    These days medical shops are not giving any medicines which are useful for cold or cough or fever due to COVID 19. I have observed this in Hyderabad. But I don't know to abut other places. The allopathic medicines will have many side effects and we should not use them without taking the advice of a doctor.
    There are Ayurvedic medicines which are not harmful and which will not have any side effects. Such medicines can be used but many people never know about these medicines. Ayurvedic medicines are always non-controversial and they heal slowly but permanently.
    Using medicines without having full knowledge of the medicine and the chemical that is available in the medicine is always dangerous and we should not have the practice of using allopathic medicines without a proper recommendation from a doctor.

    always confident

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