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    Never ever say this phrases to these two professionals

    We should be very careful while we come in contact with these two professionals and should not use a phrase that would freeze you.

    The two professionals are - 1. Doctor 2. Advocate.
    The forbidden phrase is - " Please do it at any cost, and save the life/Please do it at any cost. I must win this case."

    If you utter these phrases to a Doctor or an Advocate, I am sure, you are lost. You will have to pay through your nose. Ultimately, the doctor and lawyer would extract the maximum from you.

    What do you say?

    @ This is my 23rd day thread beyond ISC's challenge contest.
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    Totally agree, what you said is true about doctors and lawyers.

    A friend of my elder brother is a lawyer himself, so I meet him often and after talking to him, I understood how in meeting to fulfill the needs of the petitioners, they meet their needs first.

    I am not saying that doctors and lawyers started doing their work for free, but it is true that we cannot do their work ourselves, so they take little advantage of this.

    The second thing is that going to both of them once, that means going to it again and again,
    whether it is a doctor or a lawyer, when we take our problem, with the same belief that they will solve our problem, then if may be we spend more time or spend more money but they know we do not normally change doctors or lawyers.

    Swati Sharma

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    While in the chamber of the doctor, there is no way other than telling our own symptoms and in our utter desperation, we normally tell the details with which we are suffering. It may be sometimes be lengthy without having the second thought how the doctor will react. If the doctor is a money minded, he would ask for the several blood reports, CT scan, MRI etc though some doctors would not have recommended all such tests. Is there any option other than believing him? Hence it sheer luck to have got a compassionate and a reasonable doctor who would cure you within the reasonable charges. For most of us, they are next to God.

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    And when we go to a doctor or advocate, at the adverse time of our life when all the options were gone out or lost hopes. In that case when someone says that the issue can be tried and tested then we must be ready for the money to be shelled out. Doctors are surely doing a favor to get back the health to the normalcy and we want such thing to happen and for that price has to be paid. And when we are wrongly drawn in to a case and unnecessarily made to visit the courts, the services of best lawyer would thwart the same and in fact the case would be closed sooner or later which demands price.
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    Many times I heard this from many people. I have seen a movie called Tagore in which the hero says when we go to the doctor with a patient and say don't worry about the expenses, the doctor will see that the bill will be very huge. These days when we go to a doctor, they are asking is whether we have medical insurance or not. If we say the bill will be very high.

    Two of my distant relatives were having a dispute about their ancestral property. They have gone to lawyers and the case was filed in the court. By the time the case was finalised, they have to sell the disputed property and pay the fees to the lawyers. That is why we should not go to lawyers for small issues. Even though we win the case the lawyers will be the beneficiaries but not the client who won the case.

    We should think of going to a doctor for small health issues and we should try home remedies to get cured. When it is a must only we should visit a doctor.

    always confident

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    Though we should avoid such phrases to the two professionals, cinematic word we used to tell the phrases when our expectation from them more and when the anxiety in us exceeds normal. By exploiting our anxiety they drain money from us. But present story is different whether we tell the phrases or not, the hospitals, doctors, advocates are draining money from us as anything.

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    In many respect doctors and lawyers are alike and the patient/client is on their mercy. Anything telling or suggesting to them would only irritate them and provoke them to extract more money. They would never share the real thing with us and tell us to only do what they prescribe as if they are having the whole knowledge of the world. To some extent they are right in their approach as any professional person would not like to talk to a layman about the subject. So, we have to be careful while communicating with these professional people whenever we are forced by the situations to visit them.
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