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    Your personality is the foundation of your inner power.

    Your personality is the foundation of your inner power.
    Inner Power what exactly is this?
    Everyone has a strong inner power. This power is present in everyone but it's dormant.
    Only a few people developed this inner power.

    People can do much more than they realize but to get to this inner power you need to take action.

    It's tough to feel strong inside if you are unhealthy outside. Make a strong effort to be fit and Healthy. Eat well, exercise, and dress in a way that makes you feel good about yourself.

    Meditate daily to gain inner awareness. Close your eyes to shut out distractions, breathe normally, stay relaxed and then direct your mind to go deep inside yourself.

    Building inner power is a lifelong task. If done right, not only will it pay off when difficulty arises, it will become habit, and eventually a part of your identity.

    All respected members please give your suggestion to improve inner power.
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    Inner power and self confidence are acquired over the course of time out of experience and one gets more bold and ready to face any challenge. When I was just 17 years old my elder brother was hospitalized for kidney failure and in 1980 only government hospital in Hyderabad were having the facility for dialysis otherwise one should go to Mumbai Jaslok hospitals. During my 45 days stay with him at the bed side. I would have seen 450 dead bodies inside the hospital hall as everyday 10 deaths would occur for sure and by seeing that I became so strong that I believed life is the drama and our end is so cut short and no one can do anything. That confidence has boosted my inner power and when my brother died, when everyone was crying and upset, I was doing my routine works and thus baffled everyone.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Good thought by the author. Just for my convenience I would slightly modify the caption to say that our inner power is the foundation of our personality. It is very true that what we can achieve in our lives and what our personality appears to others as a role model are all due to the inherent inner energy and power embedded in us. There are no two opinions about it. Only those people can rise who can keep discipline, hard work and order in their lives and also in the associated activities. There is no place for the lazy or demotivated people in this world because a place would be created only when one participates in the game or struggle of life.
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    Inner power is the dormant abilities within us which we are not aware of until someone tells us about them. There are people who have the ability to accomplish work more easily but they are not aware as to how can they do it until they are guided by someone.
    It is just like a volcano but for many, it never erupts till their last breath. Many times it is the shyness of the person that never allows them to understand their abilities.
    One can only improve the ability if he/she is aware of. Many people have been in the wrong job only because they are not able to understand their power withing.
    It is the duty of the teacher to understand the hidden abilities within a student and suggest the parents regarding the same. Parents should also keep a vigil over their children but it is all superficial nowadays.
    Coming to the point as to how can we improvise the inner power is only possible to analyse different situations you have been in and how did you act during that time. Rather in simple words, introspection is the best way to understand it and then act accordingly to improve it.

    Nadeem Naqvi

    World without God is Zero without One!

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    Inner power is the power one is having in himself but not fully aware of the same. We will have some capabilities which we don't know. But when the conditions demand we will use those powers and come out successfully.
    We all know that Lord Hanuman is very strong and powerful. But it was told in Ramayan that he never know fully the abilities he is having. The search team of Sugreeva came to the seashore and now they have to go to the other side of the ocean to reach Lanka and search there for Sita. Who is the person to carry out that task successfully? All the seniors except Hanuma had a meeting and zeroed on Hanuma. When they came told the same thing to Hanuman, he git surprised and asked them whether he can cross the ocean. Then all the seniors made him to realise his inner power and he did it. We all know what happened afterwards.

    always confident

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