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    With more loads of work and hiked pay, delivery boys back to jobs

    This is really good news that the online marketing has increased tremendously in the recent past and the companies are getting huge orders and therefore they are forced to give enhanced salary and also give more work loads to earn high. One of the member of this site was saying that India would get doomed with delivery boys losing jobs during the pandemic period. Now the same jobs are coming calling and those who shifted to farming and other allied areas are now wanted to do the delivery jobs which are easy and fetching.

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    Nowadays the job of a delivery boy is equivalent to that of a soldier. In this time of corona pandemic, people are trying best to avoid contact and on the other hand, these delivery boys have to travel to the areas where it might be a COVID patient.
    You have rightly mentioned that people are shifting from other sectors to this one. This is promising one and the people will rest assure that they will get the salary are the payment system will be on the completion of the assignment.
    I have seen many of the people have shifted their job due to no salaries but were forced to work from home.

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    The deliver boys are risking their lives and delivering the material to all the people. That should be paid sufficiently. Otherwise, why should they take the risk? They should have asked for medical insurance for treatment in good hospitals and they might have asked that in case of any problem the company should spend the total money. Otherwise, if the get effected they have to spend huge money. The treatment in a private hospital is costing more than Rs.10,00,000/- per candidate.
    Many people lost their jobs in other areas and they are trying for these jobs as they have to have so money to live. They will not get any help from the government. So to live they have no option and coming to these jobs. They have to take all precautions and they have to use medicines to improve their immunity levels. For that, they have to spend a lot of money on all these issues. So they should expect better payment.

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    There is a good requirement of delivery boys by the online companies which are selling provisions and groceries to the public and many unemployed youths are joining this job stream. In the pandemic situation it is a tough and risky work for them but to earn a livelihood they somehow have selected this profession. Due to the present situation the online stores are heavily burdened by the customer for the daily need things and in some areas they are not able to cope up and now trying to do it by hiring more helping hands for delivery and transport.
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    Delivery boys are in great demand by the on line companies due to sudden jump of sales of groceries and other essential items since the public now prefer to remain at home due to pandemic situation. No doubt, the delivery boys are discharging their duties risking their lives in this critical situation. Half of the customers are away from the market but the consumption level has not decreased. The only source to take care of the customers need rest on their shoulders. However, their employers should see that they are rightly compensated for their strenuous involvements. These guys need to enhance the immunity with proper intake of foods and medicines so that they don't fall to prey to corona.

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    While ordering products that are sold at e-commerce sites was a regular feature for many, now it is more for safety reasons that people are ordering from them. In fact, I am sure many may be venturing into home deliveries of groceries for the first time. We should not, though, totally depend on them and keep in mind the losses incurred by the brick and mortar stores. Do not needlessly buy clothes, for example, just because you don't wish to take the risk of shopping at the usual store. Wait and purchase later, especially since it is not like as though you have resumed going out on a regular basis to work or elsewhere. Keep in mind also, the risk that you are putting on the delivery guys. Do you really need to buy handkerchiefs online? I don't think so!
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