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    Is Corona afraid of big leaders and businessman's

    Is Corona afraid of big leaders and businesses

    Today, when the whole world is getting devastated due to Corona, people are being explained how to keep distance from each other. .. keep washing the hands even at home.

    Apart from this, many rules like no more than 50 people in weddings, no more than 20 people in one's death, etc.

    Have these rules been made only for ordinary citizens, what corona will not affect the leaders and officers. ..

    Recently, we are seeing how many cases where these rules are being broken by big leaders and officers. .. Functions are being done in the houses where more than 100 people were included and after a few days many corona positives were also found in it.

    Why such negligence is being done by the leaders of the country, are they the same people whom we voted to represent us in the country

    What is your opinion about it
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    Corona is blind but very smart and active. It won't recognize the rich or poor or middle. It won't recognize men or women or children, young or old. It won't recognize a politician or a film star or a celebrity. If it is one's destiny to embrace Corona, nothing can stop it. We are watching the Tamashas of politicians and celebrities suffering from Corona. Presently, Corona is an invisible body with tremendous power that has made the entire world to shut their mouth with a mask for the last six months.
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    You are right that Corona sees nothing and has taken over the whole world today, yet it seems strange when ordinary people are understanding the consequences, then why are these leaders and officials and celebrities unable to understand. … and are breaking their own rules.
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    It is really unfortunate and is in bad taste that some influential people are not following the rules and regulations as issued by the Govt. These people feel that they are above the law and can do whatever they want.
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    There are some people not afraid of the attack of Corona or they may be under the impression that they will be spared. Though this virus is blind, but despite this it has got strong immunity and no one can kill it but it can create havoc with its rapid expansion in an area where someone is affected with this disease. Symptoms are still deceptive with a mild dry cough creating confusion among the people. We cannot make out the philosophy of the influential people moving out without the mask and even the don't follow the safe distance either. They should at least show some decency before the public to retain a good image.

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    For COVID 19, all are same. A leader or a common man. A rich businessman or a poor man. There will not be any different. Many leaders also suffering from Corona, In Telangana the home minister. some other ministries, some MLAs and MPs are also reported positive and they took treatment in private hospitals. Amitabh and his family members suffered. An ex-professor of OU reported positive. I believe that the Delhi Chief Minister also tested positive. So all are same for the virus. But they have money they can go to costly hospitals and they can get treated. But poor people who are made to participate in such function will have to suffer a lot.
    In our country generally, rule makers are the rule-breakers. When there was a heat shortage of cash a Karnatka political leader from BJP performed a marriage in house by spending crores of rupees. We all know this. This type of issues will be there in India only. We can't see elsewhere.

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    Everybody is equal in front of corona. Corona never differentiates between poor and rich. Now, this pandemic has spread throughout world. As a result, big personality like Britain PM Boris Jones, Spain deputy CM,
    cinema actor Amitabh Bachhan and many more famous leader and businessman have already infected. They are too afraid from this pandemic but some are compelled to participate in the meeting because of work load. On the other hand, some famous personality doing unnecessary party. Due to which number of infected person has been increased.

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