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    Turning a blind eye to overwhelming facts

    Sometimes people just do not understand or accept the facts despite overwhelming evidence to do so. Is there a term for this phenomena? I call it intentional ignorance.
    It has been proved a number of times that orange juice does not make one immune to cold. Or lemons for that matter. It has also been understood that breakfast is not needed, unless you are a hard worker. Many popular myths have long been busted by science.
    But people find it hard to believe these things. Sometimes beliefs become habits. And a wrong statement or utterance of word makes it a habit. Habits become the truth with time.

    I used to say "Strom" instead of "Storm". Its got stuck with me that way. Just like that, I associated a wrong statement and made it my habit.

    Overview effect is when an astronaut sees the blue blob that is earth from space. I know that astronauts now must have been habituated to this. But imagine the first ever astronauts. Imagine their overview effect. Despite that they retain what they were told as kids to believe. Sometimes beliefs live in a different plane and facts in another.
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    Nowadays people are educated but without knowledge. We live in the 21st century but yet we blindly follow what preached or professed. It can be said that either we are blind followers or we ignore the fact or we are not ready to accept the truth. There are many myths that we hear or learn from our childhood and even after knowing that that were just stories that have no facts, we are not ready to accept and mend ways but instead keep on following these myths. Most of such are taken by politicians, religious leaders and at times our society who have trapped us or many like us in their aveugle that even after understanding the facts or knowing the real concept, we follow the old one. It is to note that the myths are scribed in our mind that we find it very difficult to overlap or cross-over it which is the main reason of turning a blind eye to overwhelming facts and still continuining to follow the old fallacy.
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    The author has initiated a very interesting discussion. There are many people who under the spell of their faith and belief neglect or ignore the logical and rational things. It is as good as turning a blind eye. We can understand things ourselves but can not make these people to understand the truth.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    "I am telling, you do it", Many of us might have heard or used this sentence many times. Even though when the opposite side is telling us the facts and figures to convince us, we may ignore those as our ego will not allow us to consider those words. Whether we have to call it intentional ignorance or Ego, I am not sure.
    When there is a problem, we should think logically and find out a solution. But when our subordinate comes and tells us the solution with facts and figures we will not consider as our ego will never allow us to do that. This attitude we will see in any many people who are at the helm of the affairs.

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    True, many times it happens that people who think they want to think the same, they will not accept in any situation that their thinking is wrong, due to this, people are still following the wrong facts which have been continuing for a long time, even science has been denied.

    And because of not accepting it, it is only he who believes him to be true to the lie, and such people do not even see their mistakes in life in general.

    Most people are better at making an excuse sooner than looking in the mirror and finding a deficiency in others. Always seeing the cause of the problem here and there, that problem always remains.

    These are the same people who spend more on lottery tickets, not on their personal development.
    They spend more on pills for health and not on good foods and nutrition.

    They spend more time complaining about all the reasons that they understand for their failure, such people can never succeed … They always point out someone else's fault.

    Swati Sharma

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    Overwhelming facts have been come to fore because some one time tested the same and revealed the truth for others to follow but there are people among us who wanted to believe their own findings instead of the truth already revealed. For example we all know the ass would kick from back with two of its hind legs when disturbed for no reason. If someone want to feel the kick and prove that ass wont kick has to feel the brunt. And the hit would be so hard that he may not survive even for the rest of life. Likewise if one says he can prepare curd from milk without adding little bit of butter milk, that is foolish statement. If the butter milk quality is good, and if the milk is pure and not adulterated then getting solid form of curd the next day is for sure. So some overwhelming facts need to be respected as we know the firm results beforehand.
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    Rejection of facts is called denialism. People rejects facts because of their ignorance and they remain ignorant all their lives because of being subject to indoctrination. They follow what they are told. I wonder to see them offering schlock and fallacious reasoning to prove their baseless hearsay. Not necessary them being uneducated, rather, many of them are educated too, nevertheless, they like to cling to their ignorance- quite happily.

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