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    Self referencing literary devices

    The key to this trick is to create original and indulging characters. Then you put the character two in steps of character 1. Character 2 will casually reference about character 2 in his situation. I know it sounds so bland. But here's an example:

    Her boyfriend dodged every defence and was almost going to score a goal. But when he was tackled by seven people at a time, he pulled a Caeser and went down.

    Here we see how character 1 is referencing Julius Caeser. Caeser was assassinated by his many conspirators. So without much description we can explain what was going on there. It doesn't mean that the boyfriend in question is dead. It just means he stood no chance against his conspirators/rivals.
    Description is one of the most sought after talents in writing. But not every situation deserves a description. Sometimes referencing or self referencing can save your descriptive efforts for something bigger.

    Example 2: "I cannot use this washroom. Its so ugly. I'll pull a Polnareff till I reach hotel room."

    Polnareff in this said example is a French guy who doesn't like to relieve himself in dirty bathrooms. So he waits till he reaches the hotel. The other character who quoted the above sentences is saving the description by just referencing to another character.

    Note: Second example here is a self referencing one. First one falls in the lines of metaphors.
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    Very good post that makes a writer scratch his head to find a referencing or self-referencing character that saves one's descriptive efforts for something bigger. Here it is not that easy to fit a character that matches exactly what the writer wants to describe. It is also to note for the writer that the character that he describes should be known for that highlights. One also needs to be a profound read that knows many characters that could fit into the description truly and would help others to understand what the writer wants to delineate.

    It is noted that description is one of the most sought after talents in writing but getting it right for the readers and making them understand what the writer wants to say is also to be kept in mind. It is also to note that any character having two or three characteristic may not be able to make the same impact as the writer wants so it needs to be minutely defined by using a character. Character referencing or self-referencing needs deep understand and knowledge of the character as well as the readers that are going to read the content.

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    Yes, absolutely agreed Varghese. That is why I stressed so much on making likable and involving characters before using this technique. This technique can be seen in all great novels and TV shows. Referencing and self-referencing, also are one of the oldest techniques in the literature.
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