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    You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs

    "You can't make an Omelet without breaking a few eggs" - This is one of the famous proverbs but very difficult to be justified. An Omelet is a tasty dish and definitely eggs are important ingredients of the dish. One must break some eggs and mix other ingredients to make it. It is intended to quote that important projects or making changes needed at someone's cost and in this process you can't please everyone. You should be prepared to do so, if the price is worth it.

    But this justification is not convincing. How can we justify the statement with our own logical reasoning?
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    I beg to differ. An omelette (by the way that is American English; in British English it is an omelette and that is what we are using at ISC) can be made without eggs. When eggs are used it is called an egg omelette and without it, it would be called as per whatever is the main ingredient. In some restaurants, you do have tomato omelette on the menu. I have also made it at home (I don't eat eggs) with the batter comprising of sooji and rice flour. To this is added finely chopped tomatoes, onions, coriander and curry leaves, cumin seeds, salt to taste and a pinch of turmeric. Green chillies can be added or left out if spice is not wanted. Also, instead of sooji and rice flour, moong dal flour can also be used. Similar omelettes can be made with grated beetroot and carrots or grated potatoes and carrots.

    Keeping aside those yummy eggless omelettes and coming to the analogy given, indeed sometimes a compromise has to be made to achieve a goal. However, if such a compromise comes with too heavy a cost, one must reconsider. Putting down somebody else, taking short cuts at the cost of integrity, etc is just not worth the price. That would be a too heavy burden to hold for a long time to come, don't you think?

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    When we have to do a work successful our goal should be on the project but not on the individuals. Some may have to suffer. The ultimate goal is to make the project successful. In this process, some may have to suffer and nothing can be done about it. Emotions can't be a part of this. This the aspect which was taught to Arjuna by Lord Krishna in Bhagavadgita. When we do works which are useful to the majority we need not worry that some are getting troubled in that process. I think that is what this message tells us. If there is an alternative where the work can be done without making anybody to suffer, it is better to choose that path.
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    This is an interesting proverb. As per my understanding it means that when you are going to execute some project or task then many people who are affected adversely by that in one way or other might oppose it and would not like to see the project to go ahead. But as a shrewd executor we should not bother for these voices especially when, what we are doing is in the interest of the society or humanity at large. So naturally these people would feel offended by our strictness but this is a part of the game of development where anything against it has to be brutally suppressed and nipped into the bud.
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    The American or British Omelette discussed here is called 'Adai" in Tamil or Malayalam. It has all the ingredients narrated by Vandana.
    About breaking the egg to make omelette. I would compare the egg as a bank account where one saves money for some purpose. Presume that purpose is marriage. It is like making an omelette. To perform marriage like an omelette, that person needs money. He takes out the money from the bank which is like breaking the egg. Have you understood my egg-breaking phenomenon in life?

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