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    Suggestions for Article posting Categories and Sub-categories revision

    Yesterday I had raised a thread for suggestions for adding some education related parent categories and categories in Forum section. Please refer - It is time to revise options in Parent Category and Category for ISC Forums

    Today I was observing the Article posting or Resource posting categories. Here too I found many categories and sub-categories needs attention of webmaster. The categories not more needed can be removed and replaced with current requirements.
    For example,

    1. Education - Admission 2017, Education - Admission 2018 and Education - Admission 2019 can be removed. Instead Admission 2020 and Admission 2021 should be added under Education category.

    2. Education - Exam Results 2017 can be removed and Exam Results 2020 can be added.

    3. A new sub-category for "Online Education" should be added under "Education" category.

    4. "Distance Education" can also be created as a new sub-category under "Education" category.

    I request Webmaster and lead editors to take note of these suggestions for betterment of ISC as an educational portal.

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    Thanks for the analysis of the categories in our article section, in the same manner that you did so for our forum section. The admin. was asked about previous years' admissions' categories and they had said that some of them do continue to fetch traffic if they have some detailed content about the institute, course curriculum, etc. especially if they are popular schools, colleges and universities where admission is much sought after. I think the admissions for this year was perhaps not put in due to the pandemic situation and uncertainty about the entire admission procedures.

    The suggestion to have a category for online education was made earlier when we had an article contest, but no idea why it was not implemented. Distance education and online education can, perhaps, be included. I remember inquiring some years ago, also, as to why we have entrance exams and scholarships in the article/knowledge sharing category as well as in the education category. Even categories like educational loans and short term courses should be under education only and career guidance, though prominently in the top row, should be under education. I seriously think the entire articles' section needs an overhaul to give it a more professional look for our academic niche.

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    Actually articles posted in old categories may be required to new categories and this change may affect seo of articles. old categories can be renamed to new one. But deleting old categories is risk. New categories can be added.

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    The popular articles need not be deleted theses articles can be as it is. But new categories can be added without affecting SEO of old popular article and categories.

    The update in website will in fact give a positive impression to readers. Now on first look it seems that this website is not updated and still highlighting results and admission notices of 2017. Admission notice or result announcements of 2020 /2021 should be brought in focus.

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