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    What type of TV you are using at present?

    We have seen different types of TVs through the course of time of their evolution. In the beginning, we have used black and white TVs later in color TVs and after that LCD flat TVs. As technologies are evolving we are now seeing LED TVs, Ultra HDR 4K TVs, and 8K TVs. Now at present old LCD TVs becoming outdated. I have used black and white TV, Color TV, and I am continuing to use LCD color TV at present. Onida LCD TV I am using it for the past 13 years and it is still working fine. How many of you are using the latest 4k or 8k UHDR TVs? Have anybody using LG 4k TVs with Artificial intelligence? What is your experience with the latest technology in TVs? What size will be good for household use of such TVs? How these TVs are superior to our old LCD TVs?
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    Our first TV is black and white portable TV. Then we have changed to Black and White big TV, Then we have gone to colour TV. We have changed 2 or 3 TVs. All are colour TVs only. Presently we are using an LCD flat TV of Sony company. This is a smart TV and we can see youtube and other channels on this. We have not used any other models so far. But I heard about other TVs and their features.
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    My first TV was a black and white 14" TV -Nelco Black Diamond bought in 1992. I was telling myself that I would buy a colour TV when I would be able to change channels like I change stations in radio. In 198 I bought a 14" colour TV with all latest facilities at that time. It had about 210 channels, AV in &out at front and back and many other features. I am still using the same TV set as it is sufficient for my limited use. No one in our home watch any serial. I watch news at times and when some important events are happening. My wife plays it for morning couple of hours for devotional music.

    I wanted to use it as a 'smart Tv'. Hence I asked a question in our Ask Experts section Suggest a suitable Android TV box for my old colour TV..

    Subsequently I bought an Android TV box and used my old TV to use as a sort of smart TV. I have posted my experience in an article in ISC "How to convert an old CRT TV to a smart TV"

    Even though I get a temptation to buy a latest model LCD/LED TV , considering that my TV viewing is very limited and ,I ignore that temptation. So I am still content with my 22 year old CRT 14" TV.

    But of late the TV starts only as a black and white TV, then after some time changes and becomes colour TV, and once it gets tired working for sometime it goes off and takes rest.

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    Initially, I bought a videocon small black and white TV. Later in the year 1998, I bought a BPL (FXR) colour TV. I had been using it until January 2018 (about 20 years). When I commissioned my new home at my village, the contractor presented me with a 26 inch LG TV. It is a wall-mounted TV. The BPL TV was not unused and has seen its natural death. No one is ready to take it, repair it and use it. Time has changed and the bulky heavy TV sets have lost its value.
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