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    Wasting of time to watch parttime earning videos on internet

    It is wasting of time to watch the videos related parttime earnings on internet. While watching such videos on internet, viewers show so much anxiety towards websites and apps related information told by the channel creator. Whenever, that is taken into practice, it gives fatigue and time consumption. Altogether, it gives no result to the viewer. Such youtube channels are more and more appeared on internet. Are such channels useful to the people who want to earn money online? New websites are introduced by such people but comes to practice, it is not possible. Is it correct? Opinions are invited on this topic from ISC members.
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    I don't have any idea about this way of earning. But can anticipate what a waste of time it would be if you are just watching a video and then posting in your suggestion over it to earn. It seems to me to act as a slave. You cannot develop your own identity over the span of time. You are killing your ability to think out of box in an innovative way.
    At ISC we have various sections wherein we can put in our self generated thought and discuss the same with the members. Many time we get to learn something new as the perception of the other member helps us to take a u-turn and help to understand things differently.
    Posting one's opinion over a video of others where you are not being countered is just waste of time nothing else.

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    It is true that most of these types of videos are not useful ,,, people just do it to gain views of their channel at all.

    But sometimes you get some useful information, then videos do not waste time

    The thing that is true is that people are doing their own jobs by making videos so that their source of income is their job. It is up to you whether we are getting the information from the right place or not.

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    I have no such experience but from watching various types of videos on Youtube I found there are many videos that have attractive titles but the contents are absolutely different. The content has no link with the title of the video and after watching a couple of such videos you'll understand which are click baiters and which are of some use. ISC is a good website to contribute to from where you will also be able to earn something extra other than your regular job. People choose the visual medium to advertise because of its impact on the viewers but one must apply her/his mind while surfing an unknown webpage with some hope of part-time income. Whatever may be the promise of those sites, do not pay money with the hope of a good earning in return.

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    The people who watch such videos will not get any money. But if more views are there the producer of the video will get some money. That is why many people upload their Videos on youtube ask all the known people to view and subscribe to their channel. We will be getting many such requests. I will not see such Videos. Many videos will be posted on WhatsApp. I will ignore them and never see them. I have no patience and time also for that. I feel it is a waste of time only. I agree with the author.
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