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    Owning old Indian art calendars - do you have a collection?

    Many of us still have a wall calendar, including the popular 'Kalnirnay' which is available in English and multiple regional languages as well. We refer to it to know the dates, naturally, and also those all-important public holidays that are prominently marked in red, the days where it is marked 'Shubh Din' (auspicious day) in case we are planning to buy something new or do pujas, and so on. The Kalnirnay calendars also have on the reverse side of each page a few recipes, articles and the horoscope. Some of us also have desk calendars with or without images.

    Do you remember those Indian Art calendars of yore? There were calendars not necessarily with the monthly dates attached to the bottom that could be torn off as each month went past, but just breathtakingly beautiful art. Prominent among these type were the paintings of Gods and Goddesses or scenes from mythology. It was not only the famous painter Raja Ravi Varma's work that would be on a calendar but of other artists as well. Do any of you have old Indian art calendars stored somewhere and can share a photo of one or two here if possible?
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    I have some interest in sketching and due to that I have kept some of those paintings and artistic work that used to be depicted in the calendars in the past. Some companies and even Govt departments were keeping them in their calendars and of course they were popular also. I would try to share a few of them here, the cuttings which are preserved, once I get them back from the attic where they might be peacefully resting as I am not sketching from quite some time. Paintings are very costly and getting them with calendars was a great bonus that I enjoyed during those times when we used to ask calendar from the shops and offices as a right.
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    I do have a collection of old calenders that are lying wrapped inside a box at my village house. My father was much interested in preserving such good old things of the past. I used to have a look at them while cleaning our house for Pongal Festival. Most of the calenders have been eaten by the white termites and have been disposed of.
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    After searching I got a few of them stored in one of the old Almirah in my house and out of that one that looks quite interesting from painting point of view is attached here for those who have interest in old calenders and the image depicted in them above the date chart.
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    In our office we have Kalnirnay calendar. We use normal Tamil and Hindi calenders at home. At our previous house, there was a calendar illustrated with stories of Bhagavad and Vishnu Purana. These stories were some of the lesser known ones and they were written in Tamil Brahmi script. So this developed my Tamil skills as well. We left that old calendar at old house while shifting.
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