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    Good efforts should be recognized, valued and rewarded.

    Dear ISC Admin and Members,
    22 participants, 15 threads, and 15 days, 340 threads. OMG! It is a history in ISC. It is the consistent efforts put in by 22 contestants who accepted the challenge to participate and post a thread a day for 15 days.

    ISC should value and recognize the 22 participant's non-stop postings for all the 15 days without any break.

    While ISC has selected and awarded prizes to four participants, I would suggest that all the participants should be awarded CC for their best efforts. A minimum of Rs. 1/- per thread for 15 threads (Rs. 15/-)should be awarded to the non-prize winners.

    I think members would support my demand, and ISC would consider my demand favourably.
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    I accept that good effort should be recognized, valued and rewarded. That will motivate the members. That is correct. The rewards need not be monetary and the amount what we get is very less and that will not make any difference to the participants. But an appreciation from ISC to all the participants by their names will be good. A certificate from ISC saying that so and so member participated in this contest and submitted good content is enough. The certificate may be more valuable than a few CC what they will offer.
    But I am not telling that CC need not be given. That is the choice of ISC as they have to spend some money. But giving a certificate may not be difficult for them. These days many Organisations are doing this to encourage the people. ISC can think at least any one of the two.

    always confident

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    Looks like nobody has read the winners' announcement properly. Read the text please that is mentioned just after the list of the winners' names.

    The certificate idea had been mooted years ago, for every recipient of any type of award, and a template was even put up but unfortunately did not properly come to light due to the logistics being difficult (appointing just one person for it, filling up the template with the winner's name, sending it to the recipient's email, etc).

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    I have gone through the result announcement thread thoroughly and raised this thread to remind the editors. It is my request to provide equal CC to all the non-winners of the challenge contest. All participants other than the winners should be treated equally without any disparity. All have burnt their midnight oil to post 15 threads for 15 days. No more and no less, but equal.

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    I have also gone through the winners' announcement thread in which it was mentioned that all the participants will be suitably rewarded with enhanced points and cc. But here the proposal for certificates is my thought mentioned here and SUN tells that all non-winners should be equally rewarded. Anyhow I know that we have no say in that and ISC is the decision-maker. The concept of the certificate can be considered for some important contests if not for all contests,
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    While I do agree with the author that this time the participation and interest to respond to huge threads were stupendous, if not awards or rewards, the remaining members should at least been addressed and thanked by webmaster Tony with few good words as we all the members enhanced the prestige and pride of the site to further heights and the internet searches are filled with our threads and there is no denial about that, One more thing members are not interested in awards or rewards, but a pat on the back would pave long way to create more cordial relations which would help grow this site further.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    What Mohan has said is absolutely right. A certificate from ISC won't have any effect, but a pat on our back by the ISC WebMaster will have a good impact. I have raised a separate thread asking our WM to present himself on the occasion of ISC's birthday to pat on our back and boost the morale of the members. He is still missing from the site for reason known to him only.
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    In my response in the winner announcement thread, I had indirectly made a reminder on this vide last sentence, "All the participants should get some takeaway so that they should not feel that their effort has gone waste.". This sentence represented the sentiments what this thread aimed to say.
    I have some reservations in member specifying the quantum. Though I never despised the small amounts given to our posts, ourselves specifying just one rupee for a thread is in a way in signifying our effort and spirit. When asking something it could have been some more amounts.
    As the last consolation prize was Rs40/-, participation prize is reasonable and logical to be below that. Let it be decided by ISC.

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    Something is better than nothing. But a Cash Credit is a must for the hard work put in by our members. Just a few more points won't fill our hearts. A simple one rupee per thread would please our hearts. It won't be a big amount to ISC. It is just Rs.15 x 20 Members = Rs. 300/- which is a peanut to ISC.
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