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    Crime and the young generation

    Crime rate is on hike in metro cities and young blood is becoming the part of crimes, particularly, direct or indirect involvement of educated youth in criminal activities is a matter of concern.

    Their criminal activities aren't confined to cyber crimes only they are getting involved in conventional crimes as well.

    Do the tech-savvy not earn a good amount, indeed they do but greed of money incites them to earn more and more money easily.

    Mostly conventional crimes are also the result of greed in the educated youth and when they are caught and brought to justice they only repent for what they have done.

    Sometimes, vagaries of circumstances also propel them into the world of crime, however, come what may, no excuse is acceptable in the sight of law enforcement agencies and the court.

    It's the onus of the parents that they should keep an eye on their son and daughter who do they have friendship with.
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    The greed among people has increased to such a proportion that they can go to any limits to satiate the greed. Need and greed are absolutely different and the problem occurs when greed becomes the only need. Parents must make their children aware of it so that they do not mix those things. Anything that you posses in excess of your requirement can work against you. The thing one possesses in excess to one's requirement will lose its value to the person and the person may begin to think that she/he needs even more. That is indeed going to make one greedy which ultimately raises the tendency to commit crimes.

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    Imagine a nation without youth. Is impossible. At the present time we see that the rapid growth is happening, the overall development seems to be losing.

    The way in which cases of suicides and irregularities are increasing among teenagers and youth, it is clear that this section of society has been damaged somewhere.

    Today's youth class is getting very weak in terms of emotions and also in terms of tolerance.

    Sometimes at some point in school / colleges being persecuted or harassed by others which causes direct mental damage. Sitting in ignorance doing something wrong and then being forced to burn in a constantly burning fire of regret.

    Some situations come when our termites do not take the right decision, in such a situation, the youth should talk to their fence and take advice from them and not take the wrong steps.

    Swati Sharma

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    You've highlighted other aspect of the issue. I think parents should give some extra time to their children and understand them more closely. Teachers should be as such that students, especially, those who have any issues to share with their teachers for solution find them easily accessible. Communication gap isn't good for the children. They need our support and it's our duty to know their untold problems. We shouldn't keep them on waiting for opening their heart before us. We should initiate.

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    Young age is a very tender and delicate stage in life and the professional criminals and some crooked evil leaders make them their prey. Once the young people are entangled in a crime then they become the puppet in the hands of the don or boss in the criminal world in that area of operation. These criminals plan their crimes better than anyone can imagine. So when the governance is poor, society is corrupt, parents are helpless then this is the perfect recipe for the youths in becoming criminals or terrorists. Moreover, empty mind is devil's workshop and today as there is no occupation for the young people except a few meritorious ones, they are easily lured into the trap of criminal world. Terrorist organisations are a true and burning examples of these consequences.
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    True. There is an increasing trend in youth to go for crimes. Their greed and their urge for more and more is the root cause for all these criminal tendencies. They want every luxury that is available on the earth in their bedroom. This is where all problems will start. If we are happy with what we have there will not be any problems like this. But when there is no contentment and at the same time we don't want to take hardships to fulfil our wishes, this criminal mentality will start.
    I think parents are responsible to some extent and then the individual's mentality will also play an important role. When your son brings and shows you a pencil he has stolen from his friend's bag, how you react? That is the first step in making the personality of your child. We all should teach the facts of life to our children and tell them the importance of values in life. Then they may not get into that criminal attitude.,

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    Youth blood is hot and they are enthused to have quick and early decision on anything and also have the inclination to earn more and in short cut way. Youth wants to try anything that comes new and they want to enjoy all pleasures of life. When ever youth caught by the police and questioned about their crime and the reason, they simply gave reply that they want to enjoy all pleasures during the youth. Thus crime has become the easy way of getting into the grove of earning much than the expected and that is the reason being so the wrong doing organizations across the world are targeting the youth for hiring them to wrong services. Even the Naxals and Maoists are highly educated and they are driven to the wrong notion of earning money in the name punishing the rich and helping the poor. The friends among the youth greatly influence on wrong directions.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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