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    How about writing your ISC handbook?

    Are you surprised? There is no surprise in it. I think it's there with you and only a matter of rearranging things. If you are planning to write a book or in the midway of finishing a book, you may find my suggestion not of any significance but try to think of it from a different angle. Many of you are contributing threads in the Forum section regularly. Other members are reading and replying to your posts to make things more clear. You will find many posts where the replies endorse your views expressed in the threads. I am sure all of you follow a procedure to save all your posts. It may be in a particular document or inside a particular folder. Now, if you go through your previous posts, you will find there are many suggestions, warnings, and experiences worth sharing. Those things are the treasure that you gained from your experiences. There can be many do's and don'ts and some procedures to handle a particular situation. Place each one of them sequentially. You may always add more points to give clarity. That will be your handbook which you may refer to when the situation demands. You can share it with others also in the form of a handbook only. Members, do you like the idea?
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    It is a good idea to create our own Handbook.
    We can open a document and start storing all our threads and others' responses. It will become a big book. After a few years, if we go through the book, it will be too interesting to read and enjoy our past threads and responses. We will be satisfied that we have created our own book. Take a printout, bind it, give a title to it - "My ISC posts"

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    It is a very good idea, it will definitely take time, but when it is completed, the feeling of completion will be very good.
    Many times we get so lost while writing that something and just keeps on writing our thoughts and on completion, it becomes a good article, it also happens while writing a response or replies in the forum, in addition to this, all the blogs got the article. It is a good idea to make a handbook.
    A good writer can become one who is a good reader, to write a good book it is necessary to read 100 books, not only books which are available
    If you want to write a book, first start writing on different topics, write a blog, write on blank, make your statement and write on Twitter, know that write everything, but just keep writing, it will help you in writing a book, the vocabulary will also increase. Tell me about yourself that as soon as you read your introduction, a person should feel like reading a book, this does not mean that you should shower your flowers of praise, but the way of telling what should be done should be good.
    It takes a lot of hard work and patience to write a book and it takes a lot of time if you get bored of something in a short time then it is difficult to complete a hand book

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    Initially, when I started contributing to ISC I used to do it. But later on, I stopped it. But I do that for my articles. I have submitted a few articles here and I have stored them on a folder on my laptop. But my posting on other sections I have stopped. When we go to ISC forum section and click on my threads we will get all the threads we have posted here. But how many years record they will have I don't know and I never verified. I have to do that now. Similarly, we have a chance to see the list of our answers also. But keeping a record of our postings here is a good idea and I will try whether I can do that now.
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    I also had this idea in the beginning but later I found that the time you take in searching that particular reference is much more than the time in which you can write a fresh comment. So I have discontinued that idea. For articles, yes, I am keeping a copy of them.
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    It is indeed very good idea suggested by the author. But ISC is already having our archives of all contents whether from the forum or from the article section. And they can be retrieved and arranged to make a hand book of our own creation. Though it may not be interesting to many new readers as the topics are general and known ones, but for the sake of knowing many things in the same subject one may surely venture to create the ISC hand book out of their past writings in this site. It is a long process and need to be carefully searched for topics and then make as the sequence to create a detailed lesson on each topic.
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    When ISC announced switching to a true academic portal, I had sought as follows:
    "Authors may want to keep the articles in print or soft form with them. So information may be provided to the authors before deletion.(What is the best way to have print copy of one's article in ISC as of now?)".
    This doubt is still in my mind. There are some practical difficulties to save all our contributions now.
    So ISC think tank or members who have technical knowledge may suggest an easy and convenient way to enable us to keep own posts (as published in ISC pages) saved with us for our own use and memory or memento.

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    A memorable thought, as we go on adding data it becomes a complete book, can be gifted to the next generation too.

    We can copy and paste them in window MS-office and when the need arises we can take a print out through the usage of a pen drive or cyber centres-by transferring the information through e-mails.

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    @705255, yes that I now. Nut what I sought is say, a on today, I want to take out the copy of all my articles and other section posts where I have posted inone go and sav with me in some device to be retrieved at any time later for reference and reading.
    In our rofile we get our contributions index. Something like that wherein we would be able to save and update all our contributions exactly as published in ISC or in easy printable formats.

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    I do not think there is any need to create a handbook for storing all our content that we post in ISC. In any case, it won't be a handbook then, considering the vast amount of content we will be pouring in ISC over the years. It will be a waste of effort and time storing all such stuff. It will be also a kind of information overload trying to seek information from a sea of matter. Moreover, as Mohan and a few others have suggested, we already have our content stored on the ISC website. We can refer to them whenever we want. And it is very rare that one will need to refer to such old content. Instead of looking back, we should concentrate on posting fresh content. Coming up with new and fresh content should be the way forward. In any case, very few of us look back to referring to old logs as long as they are not technical ones.
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    There have been suggestions by us on a particular thread wherein situation is different and if after yeas we come across a similar situation raised by some other member our suggestion would be different as the time and situation would have changed. I have been following my replies to threads related to family matters and every response happens to be a different reason being the author's gender changed.
    Every situation has to be tackled differently and according to the need of the hour. Therefore, keeping a handbook is not a better idea.
    Apologies to the author, everything here in ISC has archived and we can even search everything under our contribution at our dashboard. Thus, we can always find things through categories, situations, social matters, etc heading under our search section.
    I have post joining back on ISC had gone through my contribution in the past and have seen that with the span of time my reasons power has changed.... This is possible even without making a handbook!

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    We had a feature called 'archives' earlier. It was removed somewhere in 2013. In the archives we could search for threads by their serial number or chronology. I am one who likes to dig into the archives as it gives a lot of information. I had mentioned about this in some of my threads linked below.
    I really miss the feature archives which was there earlier
    Digging into archives can be interesting and informative
    I am attaching the screenshot of the forum archives page and the screenshot of a thread I searched using the archives. Just for information and curiosity. Those who have technical knowledge may know to get these by that. But for ordinary non-tech users this was quite helpful. So now such convenient feature can be thought of in a new technological way and implemented.


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    I liked the idea of writing our ISC handbook or making one from the contribution of post that we have done in ISC. It is like the slambook that we had during our last days in school or college and still cherishes reading it. It brings our the memories that we shared with our classmates during those days. Some thoughts may be childish, some very advance, some need modification, some utter nonsense and some very hilarious. Now when we read the lines, thoughts and reviews from our mates, we feel touching and miss those days and painting is embossed on the canvas in our memory. Those days, those thoughts and those friends maybe not in touch but were one of our best friends and had put forward some real thoughts that stand true to date and we may even have our eye filled with tears of joy. Our thoughts and reviews changes with time, understanding and experience which will be the same when we refer our post after few years and may wonder on the thoughts that pondered during these days and our thought during that days.
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    I found most of the members thinking that our ISC handbook is some kind of archive where all our contents will be written. I never tried to say that. You may think of it as your user manual. It will not contain any of your articles but threads like this one which will help you to cope with various situations. It will also not contain all the threads that you have posted so far.

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    I too agree that a handbook cannot be an archive. But it can have references to the archive. An ISC handbook should contain the personal information of the member, The guidelines to work at ISC, especially the HTML use. It can have all the threads we posted, questions we asked, and the articles we have submitted, Awards and gifts received etc. It can contain details like e-mail ID Phone numbers and addresses of our buddy members. And as you said, anything important that we learned from the other members' posts.

    After reading this thread, I thought of making a Handbook.

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    Sun, it's good to know that you are planning to make the handbook. I hope other members are also thinking something like that. They might be thinking of designing it in their own ways.

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