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    To manage our life we have to manage time..

    I am very busy, I do not have time, I am very stressed ----
    Nowadays we are hearing this line not only from the elders but also from a small child.

    Is there really a shortage of time or do people feel that they are unable to manage time.

    I believe that if people live their days in an orderly manner, then they will be able to use the time appropriately and will be able to make time for themselves and their loved ones.

    Stress from life also works when we give time to ourselves and our beloved, in my view, creating a good time array and completing the routines accordingly is a very good and reasonably helpful for ones life.

    It Is Truely said by Alan Lakein
    Time = life; therefore, waste your time and waste of your life, or master your time and master your life.

    Please share your openions.
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    Nicely said, time is the essence of life and those who disregard time, they lose every name and fame thus got in the past. Time is God, and time is money, if we disrespect the time then we are over looking the ways and means shown by the God and thus we may not earn anything. We have to learn from the Sun and moon which are appearing on its time , doing the duty for the sake of mankind and then vanish by evening. When nature respects the time, why not human being who is always towed to practice the essence of time but many people would not understand the same and has to cut sorry figure in front of us. If a person does not know to respect the time he is foregoing all the good chances of life as the God will give three chances to a person to prosper and that is purely associated with timing and completing the task.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Time and tide wait for none. It is the essence of our lives. Time is a very mysterious entity as it moves only in one direction and that is the forward direction. We cannot go back in time and hence cannot correct our mistakes or errors done in past. Those people who can manage the time effectively are the real winners in this world. Though there are many things which we have to take care while moving ahead in the journey of life but if I am asked to tell one thing which is of paramount importance then my take would be 'time'.
    Knowledge is power.

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    One of my bosses used to say that only lazy people will say that they have no time. He also used to add that the winners will be having time required for their victory. Time will never wait for somebody. He may be the president of the USA or he may be a daily wage worker, the time will treat them in the same way and it will be same for all. Another important aspect of time is it will move at the same speed always. It will never be fast or it will never be slow. It will be always moving at the same speed.
    How you manage your time is in your hands. You should value your time always. You should have a plan of action for all your activities and you should follow the same. Then only you can complete your work on time and there will not be any chance of wasting your time. You will never get back your time what you have lost and The 25th hour will not be there for anyone.

    always confident

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    Wasting time in fruitless activities is stupidity because time is precious. No excuse is acceptable for losing time. It's irrecoverable and irreparable. So we must use our time wisely.

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    It is easy to say that we need to manage our time and not waste an iota of it. But it is very difficult to follow in practical life. Almost every one of us wastes our time in this or that matter. In fact, none of us is perfect. It is after all human nature to idle our time, be it by watching TV, going through the WhatsApp messages or surfing through the pics that our friends have posted on Facebook. I will like to ask how many of us do not do any of the above activity? None, I am sure. If at all anyone who has been able to utilise his or her time to the fullest, he or she definitely rises to become a great personality in his or her field. All our sports superstars, industry captains, top scientists and academicians are the ones who valued their time and have thus been able to rise to such levels in their chosen discipline. Ordinary mortals like us, on the other hand, will continue to waste our time. There are moments when we do realize its importance, but then such moments are very short-lived and no sooner we are back to our ordinary living.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    You have rightly mentioned that people are nowadays cribbing that they don't have time. They plan things but are not able to achieve them on time. People don't have time for their families. This is all stupidity. I just don't believe in these words.
    There were and will always remain just 24 hours. No one in this world would be able to add even a single second to this predefined time slot. It is the management that has to be done by us to fully utilise the best of 24 hours.
    I have my time schedule for most of the things. I was held up in my home town during the lockdown and all alone. Getting meals was a problem but my tenant humbly accommodated me saying that I should not worry; they will be providing timely meals to me. I was much relieved as during lockdown the restaurant and other eateries were also shut. I requested them that I have my timings for lunch and supper. I take lunch between 1 and 2 pm and supper between 9 to 10 pm. I was happy that they abided it. After a month my tenant told me that his children have disciplined their timetable because of me. His kids would ask their mother to give them lunch for me at 1 pm and the same thing they did at 9 pm. Now they also have food on time.
    I have had this routine for some years now and this saves much time and helps me in keeping healthy.
    Time is what we have not what will come or what has gone thus manage time to be safe and happy!

    Nadeem Naqvi

    World without God is Zero without One!

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    The author is absolutely right.
    Time is the only resource we all have been given equally by God. It cannot be transferred. No one need feel jealous of others time as it is same for all. No one need to feel proud of possessing more quantum of time as everyone is having same quantum.
    So it is how we use time. Whether we use it full or use it less. We would be known that way also.

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