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    Which is important either listening or speaking?

    Some people say that listening is more important than speaking. If one wants to learn a new language, as per traditional way, one has to follow LSRW method. That means listening occupies the first place. It is known that listening is enough to acquire a language. There are some more methods for acquiring command in any language. For example, to get knowledge on any language, one of the method required is watching movies and other related media in that particular language. Is it enough for a language lover? Some more suggestions are seeked from the members of this site.
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    If you are a apt listener, you can not only write those valuable contents and also attempt to speak the gist of the same in front of the others. That is why elders used to insist the children to be a apt listener. By listening to others we are giving more chance to them to say more and through which we can benefit with more knowledge and wisdom. And being a apt listener the speaker would be more interested in you and may even share some more important tips when you meet personally. So according to me you have to be a apt listener and take all the things thus said into the memory and correlate the same with your life happenings and surely with extempore level you can churn out to be a good speaker in front of the great audience as you need not fumble for words and the speech would be smooth and successful without flaws.
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    You have taken a very interesting subject for this thread, because of being a writer, I believe that we first need to be a good listener.

    If you just know how to speak, you can never succeed. ' Listening is an art, which if developed within itself, it can make the stairs of success in life easier. The person who possesses the art of listening or 'listening skill' is always successful in communicating better with others.

    Listening is a complex communication process, which is more than just listening to sound waves. During this time, the physical and mental achievement of the speaker and the listener, the correct rendering of the message by the speaker to the listener, the message is remembered and the response of the listener is very important.

    Good listeners always take their work from the talk of the speaker.
    * Good listeners pay attention to the message and meaning of the speaker rather than the manner or style of the speaker, while people generally pay attention to the way the speaker talks.
    * Good listeners listen to the speaker until it is complete and try to connect the speaker's message with their old information whereas normal people are just listening.
    * A good listener not only listens but also pays attention to the tone of the speaker and the intensity of the voice and after the talk is over, he considers it and remembers his work.

    According to me all these qualities also help a writer further improve

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    Learning a language has three components. One is listening, second is reading and third is speaking. All of them are important. When I was in my high school I tried to read English novels but they were above my head. Though we had English as a subject in high school but that was not sufficient and then I learned English in a self study mode with some books. My father and one of our teacher helped me in that. I learned good English within 2-3 years and I was then studying in my first year graduation course. I started reading English novels which was my dream once. One fine day I found that I can read very well but I neither spoke English nor able to hear or comprehend it if something in English was there in the radio. After realising this it was a bit shocking but after continuous efforts during the next 6-8 years I could listen and comprehend as well as speak English and I remember my first speech in English during a technical presentation only when I attained an age of 28 years. Does not that look quite late from today's standards?
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    In normal conditions, we should hear and then speak. We have to hear more and speak less. This is a good attitude. Listen to understand but not to argue. God has given us two ears and one mouth. We can say that we should talk less and listen more. This is the message God gave us.
    Coming to learning a new language, you will get a good grip on the language when you talk that language freely. That is why we should practice reading and speaking also in addition to hearing and reading. You have to practice reading the books in that language and you should hear when people are speaking in that and we should also converse in that language. Then we will get a good grip on the language,
    Another point to follow is to think in the language we want to learn. Generally, we will be using our mother tongue as media for our thinking, if we can do that process in the language you want to learn your knowledge in that language will improve.

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    To learn a language, both listening and speaking are important. But if somebody wants only to read the language and write on that language then to that person speaking in that language may not be so important. There is no particular way of learning a language. You can follow various methods according to your suitability. If you wish to speak well, then you have to follow others speaking that language. You will understand the pronunciation and also the emphasis used on certain words. If you wish to write well then you have to read a lot. In a conversation, listening as well as speaking plays significant roles. In many cases, we do not listen properly and then reply to it in some irrelevant ways. To stop this, we must listen to the speaker carefully and completely. We listen not because the speaker is saying but to get the meaning of the words of the speaker. To get the meaning, we must pay attention to what the speaker is saying. The most important thing is you need to practise what you learn. It has to be in the form of writing and speaking. You need to speak to others in the language that you have learnt/learning and also have to write to make the conception clear.

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    Good effective communication is a two way process with listening and speaking or speaking and listening.

    Knowledge comes when hearing people with good knowledge. So we have to listen. But when we have to convey something, react to something or impart knowledge to others then we have to speak. Wherever a two way interaction is needed it needs both speaking and listening. How much in each depends on the persons, their relative positions and hierarchy, their relative knowledge on the matter dealt etc. It is a human tendency to speak more and want others to hear us more. But practical reality is different and we have to learn and adapt to realities.

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    Communication is a take, digest and gives process, as one needs to have a good lear i.e. listening ability, he/she need to understand what is read or said which includes good vocabulary and grammar, modelling the tone and speaking when required. When all these three is done in sequence or when required, then only one will be able to communicate effectively and even learn any language.

    As mentioned by many members that if we want to learn any new language, we need to first listen. It can be by listening from the native speaker, watching movies or listening to documentaries or radios or any talk or even news, then we need to learn words and its equivalent, its pronunciation and then try to speak with people who know it so that we will be able to know our fault and correct it which will help in learning it well. Only listening or reading may not help to learn a new language unless it is spoken to know its correct usage and pronunciation.

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    I think in learning any language the listening has got a major role. The reason is that until one listens as how a language is pronounced it becomes difficult to speak it as speaking with wrong pronunciation becomes a thing of mocking.
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    Think before you speak and look before you leap. It's very clear that speaking is secondary. listen first. Be careful while listening and then in speaking. Here the concentration is more important and usage of words too while speaking. A good listener can analyze things properly and can be a good speaker too based on the analysis and information. Even if you won't speak doesn't matter but improper listening will cause a lot. So listening is always more important.

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