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    Have the competing urge within you

    When the life is is full of challenges on everyday basis, the competition is fierce and those who can be one step ahead than others are the winners and they sustain the onslaught of new avenues. For that there should be greater urge within so that any new tasks thrown at us should be welcomed and attended with great dedication and care. Even if you lose the challenge, it should not bother you because you gave the tough fight to those who would not have expected escalating the competition to new level. Therefore have urge to compete.

    This is the self challenge daily a thread for 24th July
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    You said very well, sir
    I believe in completing every day on my own, every new day I want a chance to do something better than the past and I also try my best to give myself a new challenge every day and others Taking the challenge is like both.

    Competitions enhance personality. On attaining the top position, fame and honor openly welcome you. Apart from the Panchatantra and Hittopadesh, the folklore of various countries is helpful in inspiring moral character and understanding.

    There are many adventure stories that boost morale. In the fabric of society, the human being has been enriched with qualities of social order and companionship.

    Competitions touch every aspect of life. Education, business, sports jobs, even elections are competitive.

    Competition is the step in my eyes that will not do anything new in human life without taking it, nor will it get a chance to learn something every day.

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    This is a thought provoking thread by the author. There is competition everywhere and one has to be competitive to gain something in life. It is not that because we are a highly populated country so people here are having competition, it is present even in the developed and advanced countries also. The competitive spirit in a person is often inculcated during the upbringing itself when parents continuously motivate and encourage the children for progressing in their lives. Whenever some guests visit the house they would ask the children there as what they want to become in their lives and some children would shy away but some would tell that they want to become pilot or leader or IAS officer or some other profession as told to them by their parents. These things create the competitive feeling in the children. Actually without competitive feelings a person is just like a dead wood. No one would bother for him. People take note of only those who are competitive and are being spotted on the forefront.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Environment in the family would shape the kids and a congenial atmosphere prevailing at home would provide them the avenue of growth. Though at their prime stages, it would be difficult for them to tell what exactly the course they would take after their secondary levels. But the competitive spirit of the family - set up is enough to influence them. The course of conversation appears to very interesting on the the father says before the guests that my eldest son would take up medical line as he has been very comfortable with his science subjects including Biology. Such declarations create favourable impact within the mind of the kids. His confidence level would soar with such favourable remarks and ultimately he attains his goal with his missionary zeal and his competitive attitudes.

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    A nice post from the author. We should make our best as our benchmark and we should try to achieve a little more than the benchmark. That should be the spirit. Stretching a little more than what you can, will keep in the driver's seat. One should have that inner fire. I can do better today than I did yesterday. If we develop that attitude we can win many races. Competing and give a little more than the best is important, we may win or may not. That will give scope for us to develop every day. But the path should be acceptable and should not think of any shortcuts to reaching the goal. Very good suggestion from the author.
    Even after giving our best possible efforts, we may not be successful some times. We should not be desperate and we should be going on doing the attempts without any hesitation so that we will be successful in our lives. If you have fear of losing, chances of losing will become more. So never think of such negative points and go ahead.

    always confident

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