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    Snake worship on Nagpanchami appears to be appropriate or inappropriate

    In Hinduism, there was a tradition of worshiping the serpent god on Nagpanchami.

    Nag Panchami (Nag Panchami 2020) is celebrated on the Shukla Paksha Panchami date of the month of Savan. This year, the date is on 25 July (Saturday). This year a wonderful yoga of Nag Panchami Puja is being done in Shiva Yoga. It is believed that worshiping the serpent-serpent on the day of Nag Panchami does not fear the bite of poisonous animals.

    If a person wants, this day can be celebrated only by worshiping Shiva Bhagwan, but we all know that on this day snakes charmers take snakes home to visit and earn money.

    It is banned by the government and by the authorities because somewhere it is a violation of the rights of life of animals even though it happens every year.

    Is this correct to do? Catching a snake on the basis of beliefs, making it a means to earn money by going from house to house, the answer of all your members is very important on this subject.
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    From the point of view of animal rights, it is not a correct thing to do so for earning money. Unfortunately, mythological beliefs are so strong that people can overlook many things in observing or following them. So the unemployed people would search any such avenue of getting some quick money and when citizens give them that money happily then it becomes the profession of those unemployed persons as in this competitive world they feels satisfied with whatever job they have got for their livelihood. When there are a large number of people following a tradition or ritual then no Govt can do anything for that because as soon as you hurt the religious sentiments of the people your own position comes under threat. So however strange or intriguing, these things survive the ages.
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    Very recently, I have seen a video going viral in which Pooja to a Nag (Cobra) is performed for a live Cobra in the famous temple Kalahasthi in Andhra Pradesh. One priest holds the long Cobra of about 8 feet, and the other priest is taking Aarthi and Deeparathana to the snake god. Kalahasthi is famous for Raghu and Kethu, and the pooja is performed during the Raghu Kaalam. (inauspicious period)

    If this can be done officially in a temple where the devotees pay and worship, why not a snake charmer visit home to home with a toothless Cobra in hand. A Cobra is a pet of a snack charmer, and the Cobra helps him to earn his bread. Nothing wrong, I would say.

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    I had been to Kalahasthi many times. But I have never seen there performing pooja to a live snake.
    In Andhra Pradesh, we perform Nagulachavithi. This will be performed on Kathika sudda Chavithi. On that day all perform poojas to this Naga Devatha that is a snake. Ladies will do this with a lot of faith and it is believed that performing pooja to Lord Subrahmanya Swamy on this day will be good and childless couple will be blessed with children if they do this Pooja. This is the belief among the people here.
    Some poor people who don't have any means of livelihood we do this snake catching and take them from home to home to make some money. They may not be killing them. It is not good to kill the snakes but people will get the fear when they see a snake and try to kill it somehow or other.

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    What I understood that snakes are not fond of milk. If the snake reared as a pet may be habituated to drink milk but the snakes living in wild may not drink the milk which is new to it. But invariably the Indian women pray and regard the King Cobra and pour whole lots of milk into the snake pits feeling that it would accept the same with open mouth. In some cases the cobra would come out of the pit due to disturbance of poring the milk and offering banana and other fruits to it. Near my house there is a Naga Devatha temple in which more than 1000 replicas of the Cobra and Naga Devathas are established and people would throng the place for worship and reverence. But there is a live Naga pit inside the main deity room and the cobra would give darshan to the devotees on every friday.
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