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    E-book of short stories – the 13-hour challenge! Registrations invited

    Tired and relaxing after that the 15-day forum challenge ended? Wait a minute…we promised a rollicking a time in ISC's 13th birthday month so you've just got to find that extra boost of energy to take on the next challenge!

    You may have loved reading books that contained varied stories of different authors. So let's write one ourselves, through your favourite e-book contest. It's going to be an e-book of short stories with each chapter a different story. As promised in the schedule of reward programs, it's going to be fast and furious. Here's why: The contest will require each participant to submit a short story within 13 hours of the previous participant's entry. There will be other challenges incorporated as well, this being announced during the announcement of the contest.

    What you have to do today: Those who are ready to take up the challenge of this e-book contest are first required to register in this thread. Simply post a response that you wish to participate. Note that if you feel that you may not be able to submit a story when your turn comes around, you should not register at all. We do not want any ifs and buts. That is, afterwards, you should not say that you want to submit a story later because you had some personal work on so-and-so day and could not put up the chapter. You must be 100% committed, no excuses. You should ideally not back out once the order of the participants is given, but can do so when registrations are ongoing.

    A very important note: Keep in mind that since you need to submit your story within 13 hours of the previous story's submission, it is better that you write it up on your computer/phone and submit it well in time. Otherwise what will happen is that if you directly start typing out your story at the last minute, it is quite possible that when you hit the submit button, the clock's hands have gone beyond the 13th hour. Even a minute later is indicated in your entry's time, it will not be eligible for the main prizes.

    Some benefits: The first three members to register in this thread will be given some advantages, the first one having three advantages, the second two, and the third one. There will be a separate thread that will reveal the advantages, the order of the participants to submit their stories, and other instructions.

    Some drawbacks: Registrations will be accepted only up the 13th hour, starting from the time shown on this thread. After that time, only one extra entry will be accepted. As a latecomer for registration, this participant will be writing the very last story and will have a challenge 'punishment' that will be revealed later.

    To summarize: (i) This thread is only for registrations for the contest. (ii) A second thread tomorrow will explain the advantages and the order in which the stories have to be submitted. (iii) The third thread will be on Sunday, 26th July which will be the main contest announcement thread in which the theme of the contest, rules, challenges and prizes will be announced. The participants will then start submitting their stories in that thread of 26th July.

    The countdown begins…register fast, ask questions later, if any!!
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    I am ready to participate in the contest. Please register me for the same.
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    I want to participate in this e book short stories contest.

  • #705173
    Count me in for the contest, ma'am.
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    I would be participating in this contest and request to count me in the sequence.
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    Good to see the first three registrations. Hakimuddin, Dr Deepali, and Saji will be given the advantages as mentioned, these to be announced in tomorrow's thread. Thanks for the early registration.

    Registrations will close at 1.48 a.m. tomorrow morning (25th July), as per the 13-hour timeline that was stated, and only one late registration will be accepted after that.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    I am also interested to participate in the contest. I will submit my chapter within 13 hours of the previous thread. You can consider my name also.
    always confident

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    I would like to participate in the contest.

  • #705211
    I am IN.

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  • #705217
    I wish to participate in the contest.

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    I would like to participate in the E-book short stories – the 13-hour challenge contest. I hope to complete the task within the allotted 13-hour time slot.
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    I would like to participate in this- the E-book short stories – the 13-hour challenge contest.

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    I am ready to take the challenge....!
    Nadeem Naqvi

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    I would love to participate in this short story contest.
    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    I want to participate in this ebook short story contest. Please include my name also in the list of contenders.
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    I wish to participate in the short story contest, completed within thirteen hours.
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    Just I have seen the announcement and smiled.

    The last entry slot is quite open even till now. You can count me in. Let me face the challenge!


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    In #705180 I mentioned the closing time as 1.48 a.m. of 25th. That is a terrible calculation. 13 hours after the time of this thread would be 12.48 night of the 24th, isn't it? I think I need Maths tuition! Anyways, thanks to all who registered. Now keep a lookout for the second thread today - a few twists are in the offing to make the challenge even spicier!!
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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