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    Have you personally tried any Online Education App?

    Since the month of June 2020, many schools across India and abroad have started e-classes. Some very highly tech-savvy schools have their own platform for online education. But most schools are still operating the classes on Google Meet or Zoom.

    Have you done any trial with any Online education app apart from the school website, Google Meet or Zoom meeting? If yes, how was your experience? Does that App really help your ward for learning with comfort? How would you rank the ease of use on a scale of 1 to 10?

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    I have participated in some meetings and webinars using CISCO Webex meetings app. I have also used Zoom and Google meet apps. My experience with all the three is good. But when more number of participants are there I advise CISCO app. For less number of participants Zoom or Google meet are ok. Even Skype is also good for a small number of participants. My brother's son is in our house and he is doing his B. Tech. His college is using Zoom app only for their online classes. He feels that Zoom is also good for their class of 60 students strength. But my experience with Zoom is not that good.
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    Well, my son has definitely used a few online education portals. Some of these are MindHour, Meritnation and a few more. For Mindhour he had won a free subscription for a year and later on got a free year again in the next class. Meritnation he uses on and off, to check for problems and solutions at its portal. The Mindhour portal was quite a good experience for him, as it used to reward students for being sincere to their studies. It provided additional exercises to him in addition to his regular school syllabus. It had rewards that induced the students to complete the syllabus. However, it was not an interactive one and there was no one to one interaction between the teacher and the pupil. When you put your doubts, the teacher used to reply to them at a later stage. On a scale of 1 to 10, I will give it a rating of 6. I think, there are much better online education portals these days.
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    These days schools are offering online classes through zoom and google meet. If your child is comfortable and can easily grasp the teachers, then better go with the school applications. As the students would have had a better relationship in the past, learning becomes easier.

    If you are looking for other apps, it's your child who has to access than anybody else. Each child's interest, thoughts and mental abilities are different. Try downloading the best you feel and keep working for at least 15 to 20 days, this will give you the experience.

    As far as zoom is concerned, if you have a better network, then it is good to learn through this application. I would rate 7 for zoom but the usage should be limited to one and half hour to two maximum per day with regular intervals.

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    When you are asking about an online education app, Zoom and Google Meet are not the correct reference points, because those are online platforms to conduct audio-visual classes or meetings, not education-based apps. Please note that when you give a reference point, it should be related to the topic that you brought up, because, as you can see, members other than Dhruv also then talk about the same or other platforms and not about apps at all.

    The core topic that you brought up is definitely a good one for discussion. It will give us a fair knowledge of which apps are being used in homes.

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    No, I am taking online classes on zoom and google meet which are actually video conferencing platforms. I have used un academy and toppers which are the online educational websites.

    My son Aliasgar has taken un academy plus subscription for IIT preparation. I am satisfied with it. The teachers are good and try to explain everything in detail.

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    Are you talking of online courses available in internet or apps through which the teacher has to teach to a group of students? I am answering the first one. There are many platforms where online courses are available either free or payment basis and they offer a variety of courses on various subjects. As I was interested to increase my digital skills I was searching for some free site for such online trainings or courses. What I found is Google Digital Garage which is right now offering about 137 free courses of different duration. I have just joined one of that bunch and would complete it in a few days. Once completed, I would come back with the rating of that in some new thread in this section referring to this thread so that other members, if they desire so, can also be benefited by those courses.
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    Online education apps are so popular only recently. Since a few years ago they are growing slowly but steadily. They were more accepted in entrance coaching, bank and similar recruitments tests training etc. Then they were accepted as career enhancement courses like in insurance sector agent's eligibility course etc.

    But before that, online education was facilitated by TV broadcast, by CDs, pendrive and YouTube.

    I used to watch the Gyansdarshan TV educational programmes. Once in a while I used to watch the You Tube education programmes by various facilitators. Then I was interested in the Kerala government initiative, education TV channel KITE –VICTERS. While channel searching in TV, I would come across some interesting programme on VICTERS channel and then I used to watch it. Though the app was launched I did not install it.

    But when Byju's started getting attention by news clips and advertisements and about huge foreign investments in it, I started getting some internet in edu apps. But that was just academic interest of curiosity. Then I came to know the names of many online apps and platforms.

    There came some articles or AE post in ISC, but I did not pay much attention then. When my son was in his final year he used to watch or learn through some free edu apps and online platforms. When I come across a news report on such online education sites or apps, for knowing more to satisfy my curiosity I try those (free) web sites.

    Kerala government started the new academic school year on June I st 2020 by starting online classes via KITE-VICTERS TV channel as a programmes named FIRST BELL. As my two nieces are school students, I also watch their classes programme live or later to have discussion with them.

    But still I had not installed any edu app in my phone.

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    I did not try directly any study app but yes my niece and nephew, they are taking online classes by Zoom app and as much I understood that is ok because most of the time they say no proper internet connection from their teacher's side and sometimes quality is not too good which can make a problem for them to understand data provided by the teachers, one more thing is that most of the video conferencing and meeting are also done by the same app so it could be a reason that speed and quality is down. so for me, it's not a good idea for children but yes as we saw the current situation we don't have any option apart of this so we have to use these available apps
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    I myself used many learning apps specifically for preparation of competitive exams like CTET, DSSSB and UKPSC in the past. These apps are quite useful. Nowadays my son learn from NSO olympiad app. I personally tried many zoom, cisco webex, youtube, google meet, etc for attending official meetings. All these platforms are good. But I like zoom because it run smoothly and sound quality is also good. My son also attend his classes online on zoom app.

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    I am a mechanical engineer and I have studied many subject of my engineering in online app like unacadmy and many other YouTube channel. These online app are very helpful to understand the subject and it's concept. It is also helpful for make notes.But some time with online app it is difficult to understand the concept.So we have to change the online app or online channel to understand the concept. We cannot ask the question. Finally it is helpful for a student.

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    So far my learnings were limited to the books and internet information on the subjects I liked. Now as the online apps for learning various subjects and skills are increasing I might try a few of them in my interest area.
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    In the present days, priority has been searching for an easy platform to make it easy for the children to cope up with their daily classes. I have seen people struggling to learn how to use these educational apps and then helping their children.
    I am not a techno-savvy person and therefore have a lot of problem in coping with the changing trends. During the lockdown, I have learned many things from internet, be it through the youtube videos or educational apps. I wanted to learn a language and to find a teacher in this period of COVID 19 pandemic it was the most difficult task and therefore, I searched on Google for the various options. After getting the best one I started my learning and would live to add here the I have been benefited by it.

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    That was a good suggestion vandana mam. But practically, my daughter is attending her school schedule on Google Meet. And my younger son's karate class is conducted on Zoom. So my question was other than these platforms have you tried any purely educational app?
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