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    What is the best time for eating fruits in a day?

    I feel that everybody will accept that foods are good for a healthy life. All doctors and elders advise us to consume fruits and vegetables daily to avoid fat and maintain a good physique. We should consume all varieties of fruits and we should eat seasonal fruits which are available in that season. We will get mangoes and watermelons in summer and they are good for that season.

    But different people will say different timings in a day for consuming these fruits. Some doctors say it is good to eat fruits as our breakfast in the morning with an empty stomach. Some people advise to consume them as a part of our lunch or dinner. Some say that we should eat them after lunch only. Everbody will give their explanation for their proposal.

    Members of ISC can suggest the correct time for fruits with their reasons.
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    There is no time for food. When someone feels hungry, they can eat and drink whatever they like. Let us not disturb the food with time frames. I eat and drink as and when I feel like.
    Some would say that we should not drink water while taking a meal. It is wrong. We should take water as required while taking food. Because water is a lubricant that helps the food to get grinded easily and properly without difficulty.
    If some doctor has written something about eating fruits, we should not follow it blindly. Whatever we consume is food for survival. Eat when you feel hungry.

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    Fruits take less time in digestion as compared to the normal foods we take in lunch or dinner time. In view of this it is advisable to take them before main meals. This helps in timely and proper evacuation of these materials by the body. Unfortunately, many people do not know this and take fruits with the sweets and desserts served after main meals.
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    Fruits should be taken in the morning hours since according to Ayurveda, our metabolism remains in the peak state up to noon indicating that rate of absorption would be faster due to high intensity of pitta responsible for digestion. Later cough dominates in the evening hours and hence taking fruits in night is prohibited.
    However, fruits does not put excess stress on stomach and hence even taking on nights in moderate amount would not produce so much side effects.

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    There is no particular time for taking fruits, you can take them at any time of the day, be it morning, afternoon or evening. However, it is advisable that fruits are not consumed soon after a heavy meal. You may take them before a meal though. Instead of taking them all at once, in case you are taking a variety of fruits, it is advisable that you distribute them over different periods of time, say you can take three or four helpings of the fruits in a day. It will also help you in keeping your stomach from going empty, which can otherwise lead you to acidity at times. Some health-conscious people these days are taking only fruits and greens for their breakfast.
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    Fruits are always beneficial for our body and can be taken whenever we want but as per the experts, the most suitable time for fruits is on empty stomach. We should always avoid taking fruits after meals as they hinder the digestion process. That is the reason, fruits juices are always included in the breakfasts- if you check any standard meal plan.

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    In fact, Fruit or fruit juices are good appetizers. It would be ideal to take fruit or fruit juice before the meal.
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    Fruits are good to our health and we must eat all seasonal fruits without fail. But when to eat and what to eat is purely left to the people who want to taste some fruit at the sight of it. If banana has to be taken it may be at the end of finishing the lunch and dinner as it would make the stomach full. But some people want to have half food in the evening so they may skip the fruits. Some have the habit of eating fruit salad before going for the actual meal. And those who want to taste the mango, better to have the same before meal so that the enjoyment of the fruit with full taste can be felt.
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    As a habit I eat some fruit, even a piece, after lunch and/or after dinner. But it is natural to eat when we feel hungry irrespective of the time unless we are sick and the particular fruit is to be avoided.

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    Fruits have myriads of nutritional power as it contains minerals, vitamins, flavonoids and antioxidants that are good for our health. As mentioned in the post by the writer, many people have their understanding of fruit intake and it stands right for them. We have a variety of fruits that are available in the market which may be seasonal, some common, some exported, some rare and some favourite. Many doctors advice to have the available fruit in the vicinity as our body is made to consume and digest the food available in the local area. Some of the myth that is attached to the eating of fruits are:
    1. Eat Fruit on an Empty Stomach - It is believed that eating fruit early in the morning helps to digested easily and process all the nutrients, fibre and sugars into our body but it is the same when having it in the later time also.
    2. Eat Fruit 30min–1 Hours before or after your meals - Many believe that before or after meals separately improves digestion and its nutrients get absorbed but in reality, our stomach is ready and can absorb whether eaten by itself or with a meal.
    3. Diabetes people should not eat fruit - Fruits have low to medium
    most fruits have low to medium Glycemic Index (GI) values i.e. about 15-20 g carbohydrate on average when compared to other foods. So diabetic people can have a small number of fruits spread throughout the day than having it all in one go so that it won't shoot your blood glucose levels.

    From this, it can be noted that we can have fruits at any time of the day as and when required, on empty stomach, before or after a meal, Pairing it with a meal or snack, etc. Try to include all type of fruits and especially the local and seasonal fruits that are easily available in the local market.

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    My sister was advised to have fruits at least one and a half hours before a cooked meal and she generally has fruits in the morning as her breakfast. I have some fruit (maybe not the entire one) later, after 10 a.m. or 11 a.m., and one in the evening about an hour after tea and about an hour or more before the last meal of the day. I have been advised that I must chop the fruits into small pieces and not chomp on them in chunks for easier digestion.

    Varghese - you first state that Diabetics should not eat fruits and then contradict it by stating that they can have it at different times of the day and not at one go! Actually it is the type of diabetes and its severity that would determine what can and cannot be eaten, including fruits.

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    Further advice that was given was that if you are eating a mixed variety of fruits at one go, then never mix ones like bananas and figs with ones like pineapples and strawberries, as the latter are acidic in nature. It seems melons are what can be called stand-alone fruits. That is, they should be had by themselves and not with other fruits. Apples and pears can be eaten together.

    Basically you need to keep some gap of at least 30 or more minutes between fruits that should not be taken together and these you can ask about as per your health issues to your specialist/nutritionist.

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    Our elders in our family or relations told us to take fruits in the morning time or before the meals. What is the scientific reason behind it is not known but it is told that generally fruits are not to be mixed with the main meals.
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    Fruit salad is an interesting item that I like. It is a mixture of many fruits with ice cream. This should be taken 30 minutes before the meal. It would help to increase our appetite. So it is an appetizer. When I visit a hotel, I would order a fruit salad first and then the actual lunch or dinner. Thus I don't waste the dish. Nothing would remain on my plate.
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    Like SuN I also reslih fruit salad. But now during lockdown I had not taken fruit salad,as usually I take with ice cream. In the lockdown situation i dd no ant to have any throat problem eating cold ice cream. But I generally take one or other fruit(s).

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    It is the right time to eat fruit. If fruits are not eaten at the right time, then the stomach problems like indigestion, acidity, and constipation start in the body. Therefore, we should eat fruits at the right time and right way.
    My grandmother always told me how to eat fruits that I always remember
    Apples rich in minerals, vitamins, and fiber should be eaten in the morning. By consuming it in the morning, the body's toxins are easily removed.
    Do not eat oranges rich in vitamin C in the morning and night and eat it during the day time.
    Banana should be eaten in the afternoon. Eating Banana Strokes Our Immunity
    Eat papaya but it should be eaten after breakfast in the morning and before lunch.
    The best time to eat a pomegranate is morning.
    Eating fruits at the right time gives them maximum nutrition

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