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    I love ISC 24/7. Feeling Proud as an ISCian.

    My dear fellow ISCian, WebMasters, Managing Editors, Lead Editors, Editors and Members.

    I am an ISC member since 24 March 2011. And I am with ISC, and love ISC 24 x 7. Today is a special day to reiterate my stand of 24 x 7, with a simple modification of 24 x 7. Today is 24th July- 24/7.

    Feeling great to be an ISCian.
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    True. You are a big fan of ISC and many members of ISC are your big fans. You raise interesting threads and you are very open in expressing your views. That is good. On this day of 24th July, I wish that God will give you 24 X 7 happiness throughout your life and you will have the blessings of GOD and bless with good health.
    always confident

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    Yes Sun, you have been with this site for long. If I am not wrong it has been more than 10 years for you, right? It is good to have you in the forum section as you keep everyone entertained. Maybe some of your threads do not see the light of the day but then some are absolute wonders. So keep on spreading happiness by posting in the forum section 24/7.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    Dhruv and Dr Rao.
    I am short by eight months to complete my ten years career at ISC. I have completed nine years and four months at ISC. I really wonder about my own presence at ISC for such a long period. One thing is sure that my survival at ISC is due to members like you who encourage me to perform well.

    I am positive that I will continue my ISC journey as long as my fingers can play with the keyboard.

    No life without Sun

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    You said the truth, I do not have as much experience as you, because I have been hardly a week to join ISC but still I am proud that I have got the opportunity to work with ISC in the guidance of you all members.
    All my day is spent with ISC.

    This is very special for me, to learn a lot from all of you here.

    Thank you, sir, thank you ISC.

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    You have rightly mentioned that "I love ISC 24/7 and proud to be an IScian".
    I, unlike members, join in with this same phrase that I love ISC 24/7 and proud to be an ISCian. ISC has provided a lot of knowledge and has helped me to explore my hidden skills. I was not away that I could ever write stories and give advice to the people. But on joining ISC came to explore me and was shocked that I have abilities to give an argument to people regarding my opinion over different matters in life.
    The story has been my power and with the span of time here on ISC this was another thing which made me change my personality. I have stopped to be angry, friends you won't believe, but when I am having a tough time I sit to write something or the other and this helps me to divert my brain from any tension.
    Learning and understanding have been the most positive aspect that ISC has induced into me. I have had many friends and still have many but on ISC the people who came in contact, were different and they had the instinct to think out of box and help me do the same.

    Nadeem Naqvi

    World without God is Zero without One!

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    It is indeed a pleasure and a shoulder to share our sorrows, spread happiness and enlighten our knowledge through this site. I am really happy that the choice of joining has never made me repent, as I have learnt a lot. My fingers just flow on words sometimes to establish their comments on any interesting topics.
    May all your wishes for reaching the 24/7 come true. Let all of us together put on efforts to focus on this goal.

    Lead the leader

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    ISC has captivated the minds of those who joined this channel for a time pass reason, but when they logged in and got all those appreciation and fame, they felt to remain as permanent members and thus we have many members on the rolls who are associated with this site for more than 10 years and even from the inception. Our webmaster should be grateful to the sincere members who are not here for any earning aspirations but to learn and earn respect and pride. Some of the members are more interested and even forgoing their sleep for the cause of the site. Good that new members are making their presence felt and that improves the performance of this forum section to new heights. I am very happy that this forum is getting more threads everyday and that keeps members busy and going. So ISC works for whole day and whole year throughout without any break or leave. Thanks to the creators of this site.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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