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    Dedications, thanks, prologues, epilogues - do you read these?

    When you start a book, before the actual content begins, there may be a nice, short dedication to a person or people known to the author. Following this may be a page where a brief thank-you message will be printed. Then comes a prologue that is generally something that occurred a few years before the setting of the story (or the biographical life). At the end may be an epilogue will also appear.

    Whether a hardcover or a paper back How many of you just skip one or all of these? Or do you make it a point to read the text of all of them?
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    I generally read foreword written by a person other than the author of the book. Every writer will send his book some expert in the line and ask him to express his opinion in writing and that will be published when the book is printed. By reading that small introduction we will get some idea about the book and we will get interested to read that book. Generally, I may read the prologue and the epilogue given in the book. Dedications and thanks will be just scanned. But I will never avoid foreword.
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    Whether I read the complete book or not, I will certainly read the Preface or Foreword of a book. There won't be much about dedication except the last few lines about dedication to someone. Prologues and Epilogues are new to me.
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    Yes, I read every part of it. It gives me a fair idea about the book and the circumstances under which the book was written and the effort put by the author and the editing staff in bringing it up for our reading. I even do not let go off the matter that is written at the rear of the book or novel. This I do even for textbooks, which generally have a lot of foreword and preface as well as an acknowledgement by the author about other's role in bringing up the book. It is only when I am done with reading all these stuff that I start reading the book.
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    Before reading a book, I go through the foreword, thanks, publisher's note, preface, comments about editions and anything written before and after the main content. Generally I start reading the back cover blurb first.
    Especially in books dealing on philosophy, religion, biography etc these give more insights about the subject dealt with. Many times the vocabulary used in them would be quite enriching also.
    When I go to a bookshop, without any pre-decision on what book to buy, I read the foreword, preface and the review or blurb and then take a decision to buy.

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    If these things are there, I invariably read them all including the briefs about the author or other material given on the removable covers which are also present there in some hardcover books. It is my habit.
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    At the book stall when I pick a book, it might have been developed with the span of time that O usually turn the book to read about the author first (if going in for a new author). Post doing so would turn to about the story and other related sections. If there are media inputs further enhance your interest about the book.
    Usually I have been picking up books of the known authors. New authors attract me by going through about the book and author in newspapers.

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    It all depends on the title of the book and the author who wrote that. Then the hard cover on which the title of the book is printed. Once we glance and go through the contents in random way and if some sentences do attract us , we want to own the book. Invariably during the train journey when other passengers are reading the book what we have already read, we may want to chance the same again for time pass. But when some one reads the new book with new title which impresses us, we want to go for it once the reading is completed by the passenger. It all depends on reading the book fully.
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