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Have you ever thought of this idea as to how the Sky would be from the Moon? Interesting, share your thoughts and views for this imaginary question.
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    What colour does the sky look from the moon?

    To those of us who are on earth, the sky looks different at different times of the day. Night time, it is sure dark but in the day time, we get to see different colours. A clear sky at daytime is light blue in colour, in the early morning hours and especially in the evenings it takes various hues of orange. And if there are clouds around then we see various shades of colour overlapping one over the other, inspiring many to paint or shoot the perfect sunrise and sunset.

    But ever wondered, how the sky will look like, if we see it from moon. Not during night time. Of course it will be dark then. But at daytime, when the sun is up or during sunrise or sunset. Any opinion, friends?
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    My thinking about the Moon. Earth and Moon are two revolving planets while Sun is stationary. I would say that both earth and moon are revolving around the Sun. The moon revolves around the earth, and the earth revolves around the moon at different speeds in different positions. Therefore, both the earth and moon can see the sky. Moon also must be experiencing the sunrise and sunset which may not be 24 hours, but something different that we don't know. A sky is an unimaginable colourless object that has some colours to our eyes.

    Hence, I conclude saying that sky that we see is the same sky for all, irrespective of any planet.

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    I don't think there will be any sky on the moon as it has negligible atmosphere. What I understand is that sky is an atmospheric phenomenon. From the moon, if we look outside, it may look black just like our outer space.

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    Well, it is getting interesting. Will like to have some more members answer this interesting celestial phenomenon.
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    If we see the sky as blue and white from the earth, then the reason is that there is more than 70 percent of the water on the earth, which is reflective of the sunlight.

    Due to such a large amount of water, the atmosphere of the earth is also clean and clean. But this is not the case on the moon. There the dust keeps blowing and the water is somewhere in solid form. In such a situation, so not possible proper light reflection as much earth the sky appears black most of the time.

    Swati Sharma

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    The reason of blue sky on Earth is the scattering of sun rays through the atmosphere (containing air and other suspended particles) and is known in Physics as Rayleigh scattering (on the name of the scientist who explained it). The sun rays can be thought to constitute different colours out of which the colour towards blue and violet are having relatively shorter wavelengths and get scattered more in comparison to the other colours and have a predominant blue scattering effect all around because violet being still shorter gets absorbed in upper atmosphere and moreover towards violet our eyes are also not receptive much to that visible spectrum end colour. This all results in a blue sky. Incidentally the wavelength of the red light is almost two times of that of blue or violet ones.

    At the time of evening when sun sets the path of travel of sun light in the atmosphere is longer from the perspective of a person seeing towards it and due to this longer path the blue and violet which were scattered are absorbed and only the red and yellow part of the sun rays reach our eyes making the sun set as a reddish/yellowish experience.

    On moon there is no atmosphere and even two people cannot talk to each other as sound energy requires some medium to travel. Due to lack of the atmosphere on moon the sky there looks black as the scattering of light does not take place.

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    I am sure, if we look at earth from the moon, the earth will look like a moon to the people living on the moon. If we can see the moon from the earth, why not we see the earth from the moon? In fact, it would be a very big size earth-moon.
    Actually we are discussing like five blind men talking about the elephant shape.

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    The sky from the Moon is always black. I was not aware of this but my son shared his opinion on the basis of what he read in his Space Encyclopedia. Then I googled it and yes, he is right. The sky is always black from the Sun. The reason is well explained by Mr. Umesh.

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    It would be very interesting to look at the sky from the moon if we get a chance to see it. Most of the members have already said how the sky would look like from the moon and Umesh Sir has clearly explained the reason behind the blue colour of the sky. It would be interesting to watch the night sky from the moon, to see how the earth looks whether there is something like full earth as we see the full moon from the earth. These will be very fascinating.

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    We all know that there is no atmosphere on the moon. But we have an atmosphere on our earth. When there is no atmosphere there are no phenomena of light scattering there. So you can't see any colour there except black. There is no water also on the moon and hence there is no reflection of light. All these factors put together the colour you can see in the sky there is black only.
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    Today, I happened to see a video in WhatsApp posted by my friend. It is a photo taken on the Mars by robots. The sky looks as it appears to us on this earth with sunlight. Same should be the case from the Moon.
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    Thanks, everyone, for all your responses. As most of you have got it correct, the sky or the empty space, if you like to call it that way, will always look black when viewed from the moon. This is as already explained by Umesh. Since there is no atmosphere on the moon, there is no scattering or absorption of the light rays from the Sun and as such, it is all dark. After all, there should be something for the light to reflect or scatter.

    Interestingly, got to see a spectacular phenomenon yesterday evening, in the skies of Hyderabad. Please see the attachment. Photo courtesy our friend from our housing society. Did others from Hyderabad also get to see it? Wherever the sun rays were falling it was turning golden. Rare sight.

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