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    Employbility vs Employment

    Employbilty is increasing in our country yearly. Reason is that even lower classes which remained uneducated hitherto now educating their new generation because they have come to know that education brings prosperity and good fortune. As per a report approximately 31.5 crore students are enrolled in different universities, colleges, institutes etc all over the country. This huge number of our students is more than total population of many countries. Hiking up literacy rate of a country is always taken as positive but if the job placement is not done correspondingly it gives a negative impact.

    According to a survey approximately 3.66 core students are going be graduate this year, now question is how many of them will get suitable placement in jobs. Competition is getting more and more challenging for the upcoming graduate-generation.
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    The problem with the academic qualifications is that after that everyone feels that he should get a job whether vacancy is there or not. This has led to a misbalance as a large number of people are coming out of the colleges and universities with impressive degrees but there are no jobs to absorb them. They do not know also how to get themselves 'self employed'. They do not want to do any menial job and give argument that if that was to be done then they could have very well done it without getting educated. So getting education for most of us is to get a white collar job or Govt job where full security is there. Govt can create jobs but cannot create them endlessly. It is the private and business sector where jobs are to be created. Govt has to make policies in such a way that the beneficiaries should be in the remote villages and towns so that the educated and qualified people go there for jobs. That is the only way to engage such a large population of educated people.
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    The competition is increasing. There is an increase in the number of jobs. The increase in job seekers is much higher than the rise in jobs. That is creating a real problem. Qualified people always look for a job. Instead of that if people start their way of earnings rather than thinking of working under somebody the situation may improve to some extent. They can even employ one or two people. Self-employment is the best solution these days, I feel.
    The country should be able to attract more investments in the private sector and more and more industries should come and start working here. That will also increase the employment potential and the country also will progress well. The government should make plans to attract more foreign investments in the country so that our youth

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    Unemployment is a serious problem in our country. I think we need a new education policy which should enable the educated youth to be self employed.

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    Today there is a different form of unemployment because educated people are also unemployed in many places.
    There has been a rapid development in the field of technology in the last three-four decades. Today, most companies are using computers, not humans, at their call centers. From booking a taxi to ordering food and goods, the app is being done. In the industrial sector, automation or a robot can do the work of six humans alone.
    In the coming years, automatic cars will come with no steering. The effect of this will be that the jobs of the people working as taxi drivers will be eliminated. Along with this, the employment of millions of motor mechanics with low education level may also come under threat.
    Obviously, we have to mold ourselves in the structure of change that is happening with time. We have to focus on the skills of the youth and also find new employment opportunities. First of all, we have to focus our education system on skill development. Along with this, attention will also have to be given to new experiments. There are millions of educational institutions in the country, but the government is focusing on only a few good institutions, due to which skill development has become centralized. It is necessary that the IITs have a good place in the world, but it is very important that the ITIs located in our small cities are also world-class.

    Swati Sharma

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