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    Anything can happen to anyone at anytime

    Some people are very confident in their lives and take decisions and impress upon others that they are capable and able to withstand anything in their lives and not only face it but resolve it also. That could be taken as over confidence also but that is their way of life and they feel proud of it and some of them sometimes show off this trait whenever they get an opportunity to share it with the fellow beings. They feel that nothing bad can happen to them and life is a pleasant journey.

    At the same time there are many who are not confident in their moves and ponder so much before taking a decision even after considering all pros and cons of the situation. These people are generally of shy nature and have a shaking confidence and sometimes suffer also because of that lack of confidence. They are always apprehensive if something wrong happens to them then what would they do. But many times they are benefited also due to their nature of taking too much precautions and cautions in any matter of decision.

    Now leaving these two extremes aside, my thinking about the outcomes in our lives is that whether we are confident or not confident, anything good or bad can happen to anyone in this world at any time but we cannot foresee it as many factors are responsible for that internal as well external and in that situation it does not matter whether we have over confidence or lack of confidence. Some people attribute it to destiny and fate also. What is your feeling about these things in one's life?
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    A great man said a beautiful thing - "We should get our ego out of ourselves when we get success and lighten ourselves up, because above all that arises, which is lighter."

    Therefore, it is necessary that we keep ourselves full of confidence, but keep away from superstition. Because if we believe in ourselves, it will not leave us like that scientist. We will definitely fail. Therefore, friends, always remember that there is confidence in us, not overconfidence.

    Sometimes people feel that if they get some success or something good happens, it seems that something will not go wrong now, these people will not be considered cautious for their future, some people are always scared, they do not trust themselves Life is not going to be happy for them too

    I believe that start every day with the idea that today we have to give 100% of our work in everything and in the end we have to surrender to God, after that everything will be good.

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    True. We hope for the better always. We don't know-how will be tomorrow. But we plan we should do tomorrow. We think that we can make things to happen. But it may not be true. Thinking that we are great and we can do anything may not be correct. Anything may happen at any time.

    Whether we are confident or not, whether we can take decisions or not the inevitable will happen. But thinking like this we can't keep silent. We can't go to the market without a mask and hand gloves. This is the fact of life. We can't keep a lighted candle in open and think it will glow if it is destined to do so.

    Whatever we have to do and we should not go away from our duty. We have to do whatever we have to do. Finally whatever has to happen will happen. Anything may happen to anyone at any time. So don't keep the result in the mind and attempt the work.

    always confident

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    It is absolutely correct. But depending too much on destiny or blaming the fate is of no use. We refer to destiny or our fate when we are unable to find any reason for some consequences. There are many who thinks that everything happens because of our fate and success or failure in a mission is also dependent on fate. They even tend to think that the present pandemic is also dependent on one's fate and it's not possible to ignore fate. You may find them taking much less precaution because they left everything on destiny. Well, nobody knows what is going to happen the very next moment. We do not have any control over most of the things. Destiny or fate is not known to anybody. So, let's concentrate only on those things that we can do and control. There is no point in thinking unnecessarily on issues over which we do not have any control.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Anything can happen to anyone at anytime. This statement would be scary for those who does not want to take risk of life. And those who think too much about the life that we are going the live for many years than slated to live is also false expectations. And there are many who does not care for tomorrow and want to live for today and are confident of every moves for today. But one thing the present pandemic has set right many, who wants to invest for the future and have the wonderful life. The future seems to be uncertain and bleak with no guaranteed life for tomorrow and hence we have to live within our expectations.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes. I read in one Tamil magazine years back. One medium aged boy drove a cycle on the road and fell down under the wheels of a city bus came on the way. Suddenly the driver applied brake, the bus halted with sound. The driver with fear and tension got down with conductor. He saw fortunately that the boy escaped without any scratch. The driver though satisfied with the boy's alive,shouted'I have not made a single killing of even a hen in my 30 years service, you made me to shock'. By telling this way he slashed the boy. The boy fell down and died.

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