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    Combine childhood and technology and take both of them together

    We have heard a song - baccche man ke sacche

    Children are true to mind. Their mind is like blank paper. The impression that we put on the minds and minds of children will have a lifelong effect. It is an important responsibility of all of us to make children cultured, talented, capable and worthy citizens of the country. We are making children responsible through better guidance. Its effect is also visible.

    In order to become qualified citizens, children will have to use intelligence every moment by introspecting their education and their actions. The initiative for all-round development of children is being made effective and educated in sports and games. If children are given complete freedom to play, read and speak, then there will definitely be round development in children. We also have to appreciate the feelings of children.

    But today the situation is different. Children are growing up ahead of time, one of the reasons is technical. Nowadays children like to play on mobile more and not outdoorgames

    Looking at it from a second point of view, it is also important that children adapt according to the demands of time, but sometimes it seems that it is ending the child's childishness. How to take them together ? What do you think?
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    Children learn things and mimic them from three places. Fist is parents, second is other children, and third is school/society. Parents are very important as they can inculcate many good things in children and some parents are doing it. Technology is affecting our lives much and sometimes it appears miserable also that we have become slave to this technology. In the park near my house I see some families sitting there and busy with their mobiles - the father, the mother, and the child. Occasionally one of them would mutter - Oh, I sent you that. Did you get it?
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    Children are driven towards modern technology much to the annoy of elders who want every child to play indoors and outdoors. Though the situation now does not warrant playing games outside, but the children should be involved with craft and paper works through which many designs can be innovated and enjoyed. Parents must help the child to play in new way using the available things at home and the mother should be the companion of the child. Since the online classes are for the small duration, the children are getting uneasy over no play, no work and sitting inside the home is making them sick. We cannot take them out, nor we can allow the children with their like minded friends of the society or colony and thus children attitudes are changing and they want to play on the computers and mobile which may cause their eye sight problems.
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    Technology is always an integral part of our lives and actually, there is no need to make it a part of something. We use technology for our convenience but the problem is we are becoming too dependent on technologies. Instead of going to the other room to call a family member, many prefer to call her/him over the mobile phone. There are many such things that we can easily do ourselves but we depend on some devices to complete the task. Another example may be indoor games like Ludo or Cards. I have seen many prefer to play those games on their mobile. Children are not growing ahead of time instead, parents are making them compulsive to use gadgets. In many previous threads related to the excessive use of some gadgets by children, I have mentioned that children learn things by seeing from their parents. If they found their parents busy with their mobile devices all the time there is no point in blaming the children. Parents must make the children aware of the importance of playing outdoor games and physical activities and they must also accompany their kids to the playgrounds. Then only they will learn. Otherwise, children will become too dependent on technologies from a very early age.

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    Technology is an asset for mankind if they use it properly. A cell phone can be used for many constructive purposes and at the same time a bomb can also be initiated by using the same cell phone. So how we use them is our choice.

    Children are innocent and they will have an open mind. What we teach them they will learn. What we do they will do. Mainly parents and siblings will have an important role in their brought up. Then comes other children around them and teachers. So we all should know that what you sow so you reap.

    Technology should be used for the all-round development of the child. It should be taught to them how this development in technology will help the children in their lives and we should see that they will use this technology for their growth.

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