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    When many family members depended on you then your life safety matters

    One of the neighboring child was pleading his father not to leave out of the home for his job as there are more cases reported near his office but being a pharma distributor he need to go out and serve the dealers. But the way the child pleaded testifies the importance of our life towards not only the self but also for the others. When the dependence of the family is totally on one person, the responsibility increases manifold and that would be tricky situation for those who want to be in the field against all odds even risking their own lives. What would you in this situation?

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    Is that when one person has the responsibility of all the people of the house, then that one person's safety matters a lot.
    We all understand the importance of family. Every member has his or her own importance, but even if there is a person who is nurturing the whole house, then he becomes the most important member of the household, and worrying about it is a hit for everyone else.
    Often we have seen that a person who has taken the responsibility for everyone, he did not pays attention towards himself, it is a mistake because if that person becomes weak tomorrow then the whole family becomes weak.

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    To run a family financial support is the basic necessity. Safety and finance should go hand in hand. If people have enough savings, it is better that they stay home and take care of their family. In some instances, there are people who have to earn daily to feed the family, so they have to go out and work. There is no second thought at all besides taking precautionary measures.
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    It is important for the common people to have money for leading their life. Many of them need to go out on a daily basis for doing work and so it is better to use gloves and masks and also when the person reaches the home, it is better to open all the doors of the home, and make a way to the bathroom, so that he will not be touching any points in the home. Marketing, Pharma, Salespersons are in need and they will have to go out for doing their business. As the family is important and if the person is having much savings, it is better to stay home and safe with family.
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    While the rich can sit at home and enjoy life with the bank balance, what would the poor do, and where will the poor go? The responsible bread earner has to take the risk, and follow all the precautionary measures. Leave it to the destiny. Nothing can go against the destiny of the person.
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    In our society earlier the trend was like that, one member earning and all others were dependent on him. Still, in many families same trend is going on except in cases where both husband and wife, and in case of joint family, children are also working. More financial security brings less worries in life. It is a well known fact and reflects many times in the behaviour of the family members. In today's situation such worry is a natural thing and as family members are attached to each other in sentimental ways, it has to be there.
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    The present condition is very bad for middle-class families. They can't go out easily and without going they will not earn their lively hood. A real testing time for many and there are many examples for that.
    The members of the family are very much worried about the people going out and they can't force them not go as there is no other way for them.
    Aged people are at a bigger risk than other people. So all the children are trying to stop elders going out. Now the community transmission is started in many places in India. So everybody should be very careful and take all precautions while going out and should go out only when it is avoidable.

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    It is very much true when the entire family is dependent on you, your safety is of utmost value. Every time I go to the office, I am always concerned that I should be most careful, say while driving and since ours is a big manufacturing plant while working also. And in this present situation, anyone who leaves the safety of his home for work or other urgencies, it is all the more essential that you keep yourself safe from any possibility of contracting the coronavirus. I am always concerned that I should not be the cause for my family to suffer and that they should not catch the virus due to me. While working in such manufacturing plants where thousands of people work along with you, it is a daily struggle to keep yourself safe from the virus. But then, are there any other go? To feed yourself and your family one has to take the risk.
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    It is only when there is a perception of risk and loss that we become careful. When there are people dependent on us in some way, then our responsibility increases. We have to avoid risks. Similarly others will be concerned about us if we are crucial to them.
    The insurance companies brought out a 'Key personinsurance' in the case of business firms etc. For example the MD or CEO is a key person crucial for the organisation. So his life and health is crucial for the progress and conduct of the organisation or business.
    In a family the main income earning person or the head of the family is a key person on whom others depend and have high hopes and stakes.

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    In a family, we all are inter-dependent and our lives are precious to each other. During this pandemic time, as we are working, our spouse and children may constantly be telling us to wear the mask and keep social distance and even wash our hand regularly. As we are leaving the house, we would be telling our spouse and children not to go out without any requirement and other things will be brought when we return. When our children are going out, we may shout at them for not following the guidelines or using mask etc. When we return from outside, we would first go to the toilet, change our clothes, wash them and then take a bath and then come out for a tea or sit in the living room. It is not that we are dependent on them but our love for them is what makes us react in such away. In a family, we love each other and want everyone to be happy, safe and healthy. When everyone follows their part well, it becomes a happy family and it is common to care for our family member, not only now but always.
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    The bread earner is always the person of importance in any household and all others depend upon his well being as many members in the family are either old or if not old are not having any skill or education to earn money by doing a job and take care of the family.
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