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    We can see Women Generals of India after two or three decades

    Good News. Women officers can get permanent commission in the Army now. So far, the Army had only short service commission women officers. Now the women officers will make a tangible difference. If I am right, as a permanent commission officer, they would get promotions to become high ranking Army officers like the Brigadier, Major General, Lieutenant General and General. And also the Field Marshal. After two or three decades, we will be witnessing women Generals as Chief of the Army Staff (CAS) and Chief of Defence Staff (CDS).

    Would be delighted to see the brave Indian women leading the Indian Army in the future. Jai Hind.

    Your comments, if any.

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    Surely the women officers who were inducted into the forces would make tangible difference and even put brave efforts competing with their counterparts. The Indian army is always having the promotions of ranks and files and even the officers , so the present women officers would be progressing upward without any doubts. May be our children would see Women Generals in future and that would be best tribute to the women empowerment being initiated now. But not a word of appreciation from the Congress which never supported the women coming on par with men in politics or other positions.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    These days females are no less in any field to their male counterparts. In fact, in some cases, they excelled and males are running after them. We will see ladies in almost all the jobs. A lady pilot. a lady soldier and now a lady officer in permanent commission in the Army. A day will come shortly when a lady will be the boss of all the three military forces. This is a welcome change and we should all be happy about that. Ladies are taking part in all the activities but they are the house makers also. Unfortunately, males are not able to excel in this front. They always depend on his wife only for his requirements in the house. Many may not even help her in her day to day activities in the kitchen.
    Over a while, it is evolved that ladies are better managers than gents. So we need not astonish to see ladies in very difficult tasks also and I am sure their involvement will improve the chances of making the task a success.

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    It is rightly said that this is very good news. This will bring a big change in society. Today women have been playing an important role in every region of the world, whether it is technology or space mission or Army.

    The Ministry of Defense has issued a formal order to provide a permanent commission to women officers in the Indian Army. Thus paving the way for empowering women officers in the army to discharge large roles.
    It is noteworthy that after hearing a petition on February 17, the Supreme Court had ordered the grant of permanent commission and command posts to women officers in the Indian Army and gave the government three months to execute. On July 7, when the case was taken up, the Supreme Court gave the central government another month's extension.
    Till now, only male soldiers who served in the Army for 14 years in the Short Service Commission were getting the option of permanent commission, but women did not have this right. After the decision of the Supreme Court, now women in the army got equal rights from male officers, which has now got the approval of the Ministry of Defense. Women officers in the Air Force and Navy are already receiving permanent commissions.

    Swati Sharma

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    After a long time there is a good news for the women folk working in both Army to have got status at par with the Male conterparts. This was needed as we have seen their recognitions in many of fields, such as Pilot, Doctors, Engineers, Architects Scientists etc. If they have the talents to show their potential in the different delicate fields, why they would lag in discharging her duty as an Army Executives? Ultimately the decision has been pronounced on their favour. The case was heard on July 7 and the verdict has been delivered on their favour. Up till now, the male counterparts were made permanent executives after the expiry of 14 years as their short commission tenure but this rule was not extendable to the lady staff.
    This is rather a positive news and would motivate the deserving lady candidates to reach the level of chief of Army staff after their satisfactory performance.

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    Yes, the Defence Ministry has finally given the go-ahead to the Indian Army for offering Permanent commission (PC) to the women officers. It was after a long fight of more than 14 years that our women officers could finally win the case in Supreme Court. Now all branches in the Army are open for PC. I think the same will be applicable for the Airforce and Navy too. But there are still many grey areas. The women officers will have to prove themselves on many counts, prime among them being their physical fitness. They will have to pass the Battle Physical Fitness Test before they can hope of being offered the PC. Then there are other considerations like ACRs and vigilance clearance that they will have to reckon with. Whether the Army offers a permanent commission to all those affected officers, is the big question. Anyway, it was a big win for them and things will definitely smoothen up with time.
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