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    Keezhadi excavations

    These days people are well aware of their culture. One such interesting topic for Tamil people is Keezhadi. Keezhadi is the place which proves the early civilization of the Tamil people. Now a days youths are more interested in archaeological discoveries. What you people think about the latest archeological works? Discuss in this thread.
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    What kind of things were found during Keezhadi excavations is not known to many members. Some say that ancient Shiva Linga was found and it may date back even the famed Varanasi Linga. But most of the art facets of ancient India are made of stone carvings which must be excavated without breaking the stones. When Humpi excavations were going on people thronged the places to see for such rare findings. Likewise Ajanta and Ellora caves have lots of excavations in past and many has been not reported. Even in Telangana when the 1000 pillar temple was relocated, it cannot be done in real style.
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    I have no idea of Keezhadi excavations. After seeing this thread I have gone through the internet and some points about the same were understood.
    Keezhadi is an iron age civilisation. This belongs to the Sangam era. Indus Valley Civilisation is a Bronze age It is a more developed civilisation There gap between these two is about 2,300 years. Indus Valley Civilisation is there in a vast area across the country.
    The archaeological discoveries will make us know about the different phases of evolution of the lifestyles of the people those days.

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    In September 2019 I got this news about keezhadi excavations through a youtube channel. Although I am from a science background, I am very much interested in Indian history, so I studied it.

    Tamil Nadu Archaeological Department (TNAD) released a report Keeladi-An Urban Settlement of Sangam Age on the Banks of River Vaigai.
    The report reveals "cultural deposits", which were discovered in excavations in Keeladi near Sivaganga in Tamil Nadu, were dated to a period between "6th century BCE and 1st century CE".

    The products could be dated as far back as 580 BCE, the report noted. The evidence provided by the dig: A settlement by the Vaigai plains, which was urbanized in Tamil Nadu around the 6th century BCE.

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    It is the great thing and appreciable one by seeing the excavation work of such places. The activities of such officials appreciable as they made us to know our culture before many years and that too when we came to know then people already used some techniques what we are following now.
    This is not to be criticised on any way.

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