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    Weight in the basket is not reduced so the strength to carry is reduced!

    In Mathematics, we have learnt- if the number of workers is more, the volume of work to be done in less number of days. That means both the number of workers and the number of days are inversely proportional to each other. The Covid'19 has made the formula to be more realistic to those people who depend on their daily earnings and made their lives more miserable.

    A WhatsApp picture message was so pathethic with a visual that a thin old woman wearing a mask was sitting under hot Sun on the side of the lane of a main road keeping her chin with bowed head on her knees with a basketful of lemons on her side. It clearly appeared that she had no business for the complete half-day yet hopeful of selling them and waiting for the customers.

    But some people are so scared and they prefer to order lemons online through big basket or so. Nothing wrong in it if someone takes extra precaution. But talking about those people who line up for hours to purchase liqour and those who are enthusiastic and flock together to purchase meat, chicken and fish won't turn to such people and won't be sympathetic towards such humanbeings. If someone turns up, he would bargain and try to exploit her inability to sell them out. This is happening everywhere. It's our weakness to bargain where there is no fixed price and not a standard shop. But be human, don't bargain and encourage such people. After all, they are not begging but trying to live on their own with dignity.

    Let the weight of basket come down while she returns to her home without reducing her strength!
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    I agree with the author. We always try to bargain and give less money to these poor people who take all the risks to have their two meals a day. Sometimes they will do desperate selling also. I always try to purchase vegetables and fruits from the street vendors who come with a heavy basket on their head. They will generally offer the material at a little less price than what we pay in the market or online. So we should not bargain with them.
    Some old people try to sell something near the traffic lights. They never beg. Whether the article is useful or not, I will purchase one time from them and pay them the money. Such old people will be trying to keep their self-respect and try to earn by doing small business. They are much better than some beggars who are hale and healthy but try to get some money by begging.

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    The author has raised a very sensible topic and such scenarios are not uncommon. There are numerous helpless people not only the old lady as depicted by the author trying to sell some odd lemons desperately but the customers are nowhere in sight. This speaks of our mentality. We are very comfortable in offering a tip of a 50 rupee note after our sumptuous meals at some brand hotel but we are not in a mood to offer any money to the distressed lady. May be people are afraid of the pandemic situation and are refraining from purchasing the lemons, but still they are not perturbed with the condition of lady. A little help from from some sensible people could take undue stress.

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    Those who are petty vendors who carry basket on their head selling something to eke out their livelihood. But during this corona spread time people are not interested to buy anything from the strangers and therefore they are hardly hit without any business. Today morning I came across a video that a small boy was seen selling the umbrellas trenching himself in the rain and a two wheeler passerby with a pillion rider has stopped and purchased one umbrella and gave a big note for purchase. The boy was searching for change, and that person opened the umbrella and asked the boy to keep for himself and he has not taken the remaining change also. Some people do understand the plight of others and do help in many ways. But reaching out to the people who are in dire need of money would not mind the weather and they sell the items because they cannot return empty handed.
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    A very good thought by the author and it is reminding us about our duty not to bargain with these people who are already downtrodden. We are using sanitiser often and there is no problem in buying from them only thing is we have to take precautions as usual. If they do not have mask try to donate one to them or others in similar conditions as they might not have money to buy a mask which at least cost a 20-30 rupee minimum. A few days back, I bought some items from a roadside fellow who was much fearful of the police and other authorities that they would ask him to leave the place. He was more busy in seeing towards the road end for police vehicle rather attending to me. He already gave me the items at a cheaper rate as he brought them from a nearby village on the career of his cycle. He was wearing a cotton handkerchief of old cloth and that also was falling down. I got one mask from the nearby chemist shop and gave him. He was happy but a bit surprised with my generosity and offered me some ginger, green chillies etc but I refused to take as I had that item already sufficient in my house. I fully agree that we should not exploit these self employed persons who are better than many Post Graduates and PhDs who are not able to generate even a small job or engagement for themselves.
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    Yeah, actually even today I bargained while purchasing a kg or two of guavas. You can't call it a bargain actually since I am a regular customer for him and the person willingly reduces it by Rs 10 a kg every time I purchase the fruit. Moreover, the quality of the fruit being real good, he has brisk sales and all his stuff is sold in no time. So when he returns home his basket of fruits is entirely empty. But yes, I agree with the author that whenever we deal with such daily wage earners who make their earning by selling vegetables and fruits, we should be a little more empathetic. After all, in this crisis, it is very really very difficult for them to source their goods and at the same time keep themselves safe from the virus. Rather than bargaining with them, we should allow them to return home with a little bit of extra earnings.
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    People like this woman are vulnerable sections. Every one becomes vulnerable in one way or other at one time or other. Governments at states or centre can only formulate macro level policies for the welfare of the people. It is for the micro level systems and individuals to take care of micro level issues.
    In fact governments and many organisations have done a lot by distributing cash, food materials, grocery kits, kits with essentials etc. The central government is distributing free ration items or giving food grains at damn cheap rates to the vulnerable sections. Government had distributed cash also free. Even after this there can be some genuine misses and issues. In a situation like the present crisis these can happen. It is for the people at ground level- neighbours and locals - to come with solutions.
    The situation is also exploited by vested interests who want to spread rumours and defame governments and systems deliberately by paying people for customised posing too. So we have to be careful and do whatever possible to genuine cases.

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    A heart aching but fact of the society that is put forward by the writer for discussion. A similar type of video was shared on my WhatsApp where an old lady was selling papads in the local market for Rs. 25 for 50nos. She was too old and raising her voice and asking every customer whether they wanted. While viewing the video, we can feel the pity and the pain that touches our heart. We do often turn a blind ear or eye to such small vendors who even at this old age prefer to work for a living than begging. We may bargain with them who hardly make 1-2 rupee but never bother to give a tip or extra in a posh hotel or store to keep our standard. We often bargain in the local market with the local vendor but yes, if we are a regular customer, they would happily give us as they know that you would come tomorrow and buy from them and for them that is what keep them going. We need to help such small vendors by buying atleast a little extra that will help them meet their family requirement that going for the big malls or shopping centre or online marts.
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    I think we should have a soft corner to these poor people who for their livelihood are doing small small sales of some ordinary items that they have got from the village or some place where they are grown in plenty and are cheaper. We should buy from them to help them to earn that little money.
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    I watch many such WhatsApp messages. It is very true that we don't value and respect small human beings who are trying to make a living. If everyone realizes this, there won't be any poverty in the world. We really don't understand many things. Just imagine a liquor bottle 750 ml costing over Rs. 1000/- and compare it with the fruits worth Rs. 1000/-. I am sure eating fruits would improve our health than drinking 750 ml to injure our health.

    At this juncture, it is a must for us to help the poor vendors to return home with an empty basket with a happy face to return tomorrow with a fully filled basket.

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