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    Which grief is hard to tackle with? Death or betrayal of loved ones?

    In our life we all have experienced various instances where we get separated from our loved ones cause of different reasons. Some people leave us early due to accidental death or critical illness in very young age. diseases like cancer may catch people of any age in trap which they can never escape. If your dear ones get such early exit for any reason, the grief is comparable to mountains.

    On the other hand, some people take exit from our life by giving us a shock of betrayal. We get caught unaware and still in happy dreams. But the sudden change in life and relationships leaves our heart broken with hell lot of grief.

    Which sort of grief is more painful in your opinion? Death of dear ones or betrayal from loved ones, what is more hard to tackle with?

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    I think the betrayal of the loved ones would matter the most and that is very hard to digest and tackle. I have seen elders parents who want to have their near and dear ones united and live as one family has parted ways and even wont even call as to inquire about welfare. What is the use of such children who are bound to satisfy their personal happiness and earning money at the cost betraying with the family members. Why death will not hit hard that much because one day or the other death is going to occur and those who are already in death bed are bound to face the death for sure and we may not feel much. But the betrayal of those whom we love much and always thought of their welfare and being cannot be digested at all. Some people cannot bear the brunt they have died thinking hard about the betrayal.
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    Death of a person is not in our hand. Our life is a gift of God and our destiny will decide when and how we will quit this world. So even though we get hurt when somebody dear to us passes away, we can forget and come back to normal within a reasonable time
    But betrayal is the act of a person and that can't be forgotten so easily. Leaving a person for the sake of small personal benefits is very painful. When we think somebody is our close friend if he stops talking to us it will hurt us more.
    I know a boy who liked a girl and both of them wanted to marry. But after some time without even telling the boy, that girl married another guy. That boy was in depression for a long time and his good career was also spoiled because of the act of the lady. That incident is very very painful than the death of a loved person.

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    I believe that the betrayal hurts more, even when someone goes away from their world, there is still sorrow, but we take it as God's will and slowly start living a normal life but forgiving the person who betrayed Is very difficult
    The faith of your loved ones makes a man angry. Where he used to believe people blindly before, now he starts looking at everyone with suspicion. You cannot trust an unknown person, then you start trusting the person whom you know very closely. Most people in this world do not fail to deceive their own people by coming under the control of greed.
    What do we like, what do we feel bad, who knows our lack of weakness, only our close friends or relatives know what the outside people know about your pain; You trust the pulse by pressing the pulse, so we do not tell the secret of our heart to anyone
    Be careful not to give people a chance to take advantage of you, trust someone who is yours, but keep your eyes open so that no one can cheat you. But it is the last but not the least, do not lose the love of your life by doubt. Your conscience will tell you who is really yours.

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    Death of our near and dear ones is the is the irreparable loss for the parents. It would be really hard to forget the old sweet memories of their children having met with an accident or the death has occurred due to such diseases having no satisfactory treatment. The old parents cannot think of such departure of their loving souls.
    However, we cannot predict the death of any one else and hence the members of the families should take utmost care that parents should restore normalcy with the love of the remaining members.

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    Well, it is difficult to compare until and unless you have suffered both. I have only experienced the death of near ones and I know that it is very very painful. It becomes all the more painful, when someone leaves us prematurely, say in an accident or similar such unfortunate incidents. As far as a betrayal by a loved one is concerned, we see such things mostly in movies and television serials, where either the boy dumps the girl or the vice versa. In real life also we sometimes happen to see such things, especially with the youth.
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