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    Protect ourselves from this pandemic

    Yesterday, health director of Telangana announced that community transmission of COVID-19 virus is being happened in the state. In Madhira of Khammam district, there are nearly seven positive cases are registered. In that, four cases are near to our residence place. After looking at this situation, it becomes the responsibility of the individual to care for his health to prevent pandemic. Situations are going to bitter as the cases from where they arises. However, It is the wish to all ISC members beware and protect themselves from COVID-19.
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    Some months ago no one had imagined that we would ever see this kind of epidemic in our life, but someone has told the truth that all that God has written will happen, then now that this epidemic has already spread then instead of being afraid And cursing we must find a way to protect ourselves

    With the increasing number of cases, people in the country are terrified of Coronavirus, even after coughing and sneezing there is tension. In view of the increasing cases, several steps are being taken by the Government of India. The government has issued some instructions to protect themselves from any kind of rumors,

    Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. You can also use alcohol-based sanitizer if you want. But it is important to clear hands both before and after shopping.

    One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that no surface is safe. Any place can be unsafe. In such a situation, if you hold something in your hand or if you keep it somewhere, do not apply your hands on the face without cleaning it.

    Live such a mind that God is taking our test and we all have to jointly pass this test, full time will definitely come back in a new way

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    I do not understand one thing that almost all medias giving news about the pandemic they are by forgetting our(people) responsibilities and cooperation,accusing and commenting only on government and ruling people. Government asked to close shops, avoid public movement, to use mask, keep social distancing but doing all prohibited ones indirectly with pride. Some opposite parties extending objection without cooperation.

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    True. We have to protect ourselves. We have to take care of our health.
    One of my distant relatives was suffering from COVID19. He was admitted to a private hospital. He survived after treatment for 7 days. He has to spend 7 lakhs. Now he is in self-quarantine for 14 days and then only he will be allowed to stay with other family members. Above all this, he was explaining to me the agony he had and his statement mind during that time, it is terrible. The pain is to be suffered by him only, nobody can share it from him. So prevention is always better than cure. Inconvenience is far better than that pain.
    So please take of yourself and follow all the precautions and see that you are safe. Follow social distance, wear mask and hand gloves and follow all the rules without fail so that you will be safe and will have a better future.

    always confident

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