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    Which is important either points or cash credits?

    In this website, one can get points and cash credits for their written work in the form of article, job, forum and other sections. Generally, newcomers to ISC wish to get points in any section to get gold level. After reaching the level, they feel that they are capable to get the eligibility of applying for Adsense account. Now, the question is how many members of ISC think like this? Next, how many members came to this platform by giving importance to get only points and nothing else? Maybe it is a discussion about the confrontation between points and cash credits.
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    Points will give CC also. But in some sections, the CC will come in two ways. When you place content in some sections you will get both CC and points. But in the forum section, you will get only points. But if you get maximum points, your name will be there in Revenue share bonus that is being given to the top 20 members. So points are also important and CC is also important. Some members will get some awards also for which there will be some CC and points.

    The importance may vary from person to person. Some may want CC and some may want points and some may want both. The important thing we will get is Knowledge and the learning from this site. That is the main advantage a member get from here.

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    There are many activities in ISC and everywhere some remuneration would be there. It could be points or cc or both. It depends which type of activity one is pursuing. My experience is that if one has a good activity level in at least 2-3 sections then one can get good points as well as good cc. So, it is all connected to our activity level. The only way to earn more points or/and cc is to contribute more in as much sections as one can undertake and also participate in the contests. Sometimes contests are highly rewarding. The ultimate mantra in ISC is - learn, improve the quality, and Contribute more.
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    When I entered ISC, I never thought about points and CC. I was interested only in discussions. Points came automatically, and I never noticed it. Suddenly, on a day I found my name with some CC (RS. 267/- as RSB). Then I learned about RSB and started working to get into top 20 list to receive RSB.

    Points are important to earn CC at ISC as RSB.

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    I am a member of ISC for the last nine years. There were periods of almost nil activity and periods of high activity too. It all depended on my other priorities and involvements too.
    In an earlier thread Our motto in ISC is to earn few bucks too but how often we admit to this? I had clearly reiterated that never was my aim money from ISC. But I happily accept whatever comes by. Even recently I took the thread challenge just forte spirit of it as it was relevant in that context. But now I am back to my normal activity and pace only.
    The same was emphasised by me in all relevant contexts.

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    I am a new member of this, so what is most important for me right now is to be a part of the discussions and to enhance the qualities of a good writer as much as possible. ..
    Share my knowledge with everyone that I know a little bit.
    But even if I look at your question, both of them matter because both the points and the cash give you the motivation to do better and better, apart from this, the biggest thing is the encouragement given by your senior who leads you to keep your goal even more.

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    We as human want things to be good for us. When I joined, I did not know about cash credit(CC) but the points would be reflected in every post. I came to know about CC when they would organise a contest and I participated in the contest through which I earned cash credit. Later I understood about earning points and cash credit through articles, E-book, contest, Thread Of the Week, Topic-based contest(TOW), answers to queries in AskExpert section, etc. All these fetched points as well as some cash credits which is not only encouraging but motivating.

    If we read the motto or slogan of the site, it says " India Study Channel - Learn to Earn, Earn to Learn" which mentions that one can learn as well as earn. So it is a two-way relation, give and take or learn and earn. First, you start with points then you understand the site and the way of earning cash credits and then starts earning. So it is taking both together, the points and cash credits.

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    When we start our journey in ISC, I don't think anyone is bothered about c.c. It takes time to get settled to know about the various features. But the initial play would be to earn points as they go on increasing, your level of membership changes. For me, it was like a batsman settled down at the crease and depends on the shots he plays to accumulate runs to his credit and to make the scoreboard move on. He should play his game and things would fall inline automatically. The same is the case here, gaining points and c.c. Continue to contribute and the rest is assured in ISC.

    But.. Here the importance of the word 'but' is more important because..

    If you have registered for the AdSense Account, you should be more selective in your contribution and particular about the usage of keywords and should be active in the sections which generate more AdSense revenue. I could not reach the pay level of 100 USD till date and decided to ignore that AdSense is not my cup of tea even after a long association with ISC. Of course, it differs from member to member and his time constraints.


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    Dr Rao, you've incorrectly stated, "Points will give CC also". In fact, the reverse is true, that cc will be accompanied by either the existing points that are already given by the automated system (of some sections) or the points will be enhanced.

    What Swati said was true, that both points and cc play a role in motivation, and Jagdish has brought out a fairly accurate scenario about new members and AdSense goal-oriented contributions. At one point, I was frankly a bit concerned about points when my membership level went to the previous level and I had to gain the shields back that I had lost. That was quite motivating, at the same time, to focus on the goal of getting back the level. Later I was bothered about points in so far as I got some little RSB because that little extra does make a difference when being eligible for payment and adding to the overall month's earnings. More years down the line and it is earnings that I started considering really, really important in helping me to get an income; and a little nest egg on retirement would not be such a bad thing, after all!

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    There are two options open for the members here. If one want to have the earning spree and want to earn money out of every content and has the niche to create new articles, then let they opt for the article writing, participate in group discussion, be a front runner in all competition entries and be a winner of the topic of the week. If one wants to have the presence, have the niche know more knowledge, then be in the forum, create new threads, participate in various responses and thus be a super star in the forum and the points would be flowing in to decide the gold, diamond and platinum levels.
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    RSB is given based on the points we earn. That is why I said points will give CC also. All these days I believe that RSB is based on points only. RSB and CC both are money only. If it is not correct, I stand corrected.
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    I think that both the things are important and we have to contribute regularly to earn them. If someone is only interested in quick cc then one can participate in the contests, write articles and undertake information update. These areas give quick cc but they require a lot of efforts also. If one is only active in forum section then in the beginning only points would be credited until one is in the top members in forum so that he is entitled for RSB. So, it is individual choice as how he or she wants to be active in various sections of ISC to earn points as well as cc.
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    For me points and cash credit both are important. Points are necessary to maintain our membership level. The points are also important to get Revenue share bonus which is distributed every month for the 20 members who got the highest point in that particular month.
    Cash credit is also important as after reaching a certain amount your name will appear in the list for a cash payment of the month. So, to reach the minimum cash level, the cash credit is also important.

    But the most important thing is this is the best educational site to learn and earn. I never forget ISC in my life as it has provided me with a good platform to share my knowledge. Thanks to ISC.

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    Keeping a track on points is as important as cash credits. Points generate revenue sharing bonus and cash credits as an added bonus, both are like our two hands. We cannot say no to any hand.
    In my experience, I love to attend the contests and discussions here as they are interesting. I joined to improve my language writing skills and when the real need aroused only ISC shouldered me to help financially.

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    Dr Rao,

    You are correct in stating that RSB is based on points and that both RSB and CC are sources of earnings and thus "money". However, the revenue share bonus is basically cash credits that get put into the piggy bank of the member, cash credits are what is given across all sections and rewards as well, but are not part of RSB (points are). In that sense, they cannot be bracketed together.

    When you state that points give cc, you need to have clarity in explaining what you mean at the outset. Hope you understand.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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