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    How many of you remember the names of before and after you in school

    In my schooldays from (1965-72) sixth to eleventh standard I got a set of students in all the years. In tenth standard we have to select an additional subject as elective. In that too our set have not split. In attendance Ragunathan was before me and Ravichandran after me. As Ragunathan joined in outstation college Ravichandran continued after me in Pre university also and before one Rajasekaran came.

    How many of you can remember now.
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    From 6th standard to 10th standard my classmates are the same. we all continued together. Some failed candidates were staying back and failures in the next class are joining me. But the previous name and after name in the attendance register were same. Venkata Rao is the name before my name in the attendance register. Venkata Srinivasa Rao that is me. The name after my name in the list is Vimala. After high school, those two joined in different colleges and I went to a different college. Because the association is for 5 years, I am able to remember those names.
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    I remember only a few names-that of those who studied with me from fifth standard to tenth standard. Apart from that I also remember names of a few students who were my classmates from First standard to fourth standard. I studied upto fourth class in one school and then from fifth to tenth class in another school.
    I also remeber names of a few students of later batches as they were our neighbours or siblings of my classmates.

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    I do remember the students who were before and after me in the class attendance register from class 6th std to 11th std. S Madaswamy preceded me and S Meenakshi Sundaram followed me. I am R Meenakshi Sundaram. We all three were good friends, and we occupied the front center bench in all the classes.
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    Its a very tough question to be answered as I am unable to remember my classmates who were with me from 5th to 10th standard. When I joined the secondary section, I was in 5th -H and my roll no was 70, In 6th my roll no was 63, In 7th my roll no was 75, In 8th my roll call was 73. Later my division was changed to A. In 9th-A my roll call was 69 and in 10th-A my roll call was 67. So every year my roll number changed so also the sequence of the person. Some of them changed due to elective, some due to normal shifting and later due to sports. To be frank, I even don't remember my classmate of my 10th standard who was before and after me.
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